EPA’s Water ‘Nightmare’

‘We've Heard Horror Stories’ About The EPA


EPA Waters Of The U.S. Regulation: ‘A Nightmare For U.S. Citizens’

“Barack Obama's water war… a massive power grab by Washington.” (“Barack Obama's Water War,” Politico, 5/27/15)

“With their efforts to redefine waters to be regulated by the Clean Water Act, they’ve created an enforcement and compliance nightmare for U.S. citizens and placed a drag on our economic productivity. Private landowners and farmers whose businesses, livelihoods, and personal health depend on clean water, clean air, and healthy soils do not need more expansive government regulations that add risk to their operations.” (“EPA Releases Final Waters Of The U.S. Rule,” Delta Farm Press, 5/28/15)

“Farmers fear that the rule could impose major new costs and burdens, requiring them to pay fees for environmental assessments and to obtain permits just to till the soil near gullies, ditches or dry streambeds where water flows only when it rains.” (“Obama Announces New Rule Limiting Water Pollution,” New York Times, 5/27/15)

  • “…[Laura Campbell, manager of Michigan Farm Bureau's Agriculture Ecology Department] said. ‘If this proposed rule stays in place, farmers will need EPA permits to perform normal and long-accepted agricultural practices, and there is no guarantee that EPA will grant a permit. We've heard horror stories about permits waiting for 18 months. Can you imagine what happens when hundreds more farmers are required to get permits? Delays alone, not to mention permit denials, will prevent farmers from farming.’” (“EPA Power Grab Requires Farmers To Fight,” Michigan Farm News, 4/29/14)


Senate To Fight ‘Controversial Water Regulation’

“Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is prepping the Senate for a fight over a controversial water regulation from the Obama administration. The Kentucky Republican scheduled a procedural vote on whether to proceed to legislation from Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) for Tuesday afternoon. … Barrasso's proposal has gained the support of 43 Republican senators, as well as three Democrats — Sens. Joe Donnelly (Ind.), Heidi Heitkamp (N.D.) and Joe Manchin (W.Va.).” (“McConnell Sets Up Senate Fight On Obama Water Oversight Rule,” The Hill, 10/30/15)



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