Farm Bill Signing Means Stability For Farmers & New Opportunities With Hemp

‘This Bill Is Critical To A Large Part Of America That Doesn't Necessarily Live In Cities And Towns, But Keeps This Country Fed’


SENATE MAJORITY LEADER MITCH McCONNELL (R-KY): “There’s a reason this bill passed both Houses with overwhelming, bipartisan majorities. There’s a reason this has been a big priority for Congress and the administration. Farming families deserve more stability. Once the president signs this Farm Bill into law, that is precisely what they will have.” (Sen. McConnell, Remarks, 12/13/2018)

SEN. PAT ROBERTS (R-KS), Senate Agriculture, Nutrition, & Forestry Committee Chairman: “The 2018 Farm Bill is our opportunity to make the American food and agriculture systems work more efficiently. I’m pleased to say we have done just that in this conference report…. As promised, this farm bill provides much needed certainty and predictability for all producers – of all crops – across all regions across the country.” (Senate Agriculture Committee, Press Release, 12/10/2018)

SECRETARY OF AGRICULTURE SONNY PERDUE: “This gives a peace of mind to our producers here who have to make plans for 2019.” (“President Trump Signs $867 Billion Farm Bill Into Law,” The Washington Post, 12/20/2018)


2018 Farm Bill Provides Stability To Farmers, ‘Helps Them Get Loans And Pay For And Plan Their Next Season’ And ‘Expands Export Opportunities’

“President Trump signed into law Thursday an $867 billion farm bill … ‘We have to take care of our farmers and ranchers, and we will take care of them,’ Trump said at the signing ceremony … The farm bill was approved earlier this month by large majorities of Congress, clearing the Senate by an 87 to 13 margin and the House by a 369 to 47 margin.” (“President Trump Signs $867 Billion Farm Bill Into Law,” The Washington Post, 12/20/2018)

“This bill is critical to a large part of America that doesn't necessarily live in cities and towns, but keeps this country fed…. What the farm bill does is, it keeps programs in place that help stabilize farms…. And this bill helps them get loans and pay for and plan their next season.” (PBS’ “PBS Newshour,” 12/12/2018)

  • “The bill expands export opportunities for farmers by providing an additional $500 million in permanent funding over the next decade to help find new foreign markets for U.S. agricultural products.” (CNBC, 12/11/2018)


‘This Is A Monumental Bill For Hemp Farming’

SEN. McCONNELL: “Along with providing certainty to agricultural communities, I am especially proud that the legislation will open a new door for farmers in Kentucky and around the country to explore the full potential of industrial hemp.” (Sen. McConnell, Remarks, 12/12/2018)

  • “The [2018] Farm Bill clarifies that hemp will be treated as an agricultural product, allowing growers to qualify for crop insurance and research grants. It also sets the stage for broader availability of hemp-based foods and supplements by removing the plant from the Controlled Substances Act.” (USA Today, 12/13/2018)

“The U.S. hemp industry is expecting business to expand and investors to beckon after Congress on Wednesday passed farm legislation that included a provision to legalize and regulate the plant under the Department of Agriculture. ‘This is a monumental bill for hemp farming,’ said Lauren Stansbury of the Hemp Industries Association.” (“Hemp Industry Expected To Blossom Under New Farm Bill,” NBC News, 12/16/2018)

  • “Looking to reap the benefits from federal action to legalize hemp, a hemp processor says it will expand operations in Kentucky by building a $40 million facility in an area where it hopes to cultivate ties with farmers growing the crop. GenCanna Global USA Inc. said Friday its new processing plant in Mayfield will create 80-plus jobs.” (“Hemp Processor To Open Facility In Mayfield,” The Associated Press, 12/14/2018)


Farmers And Ranchers Applaud Farm Bill For ‘Stability And Certainty’ In ‘A Complete Package – One That Will Serve All Americans’

AMERICAN FARM BUREAU FEDERATION PRESIDENT ZIPPY DUVALL: “This 2018 farm bill is a complete package – one that will serve all Americans. Farm and ranch families in particular will find a good degree of risk management support they need to help them weather the prolonged downturn in the agricultural economy that many of us are facing.” (American Farm Bureau Federation, Press Release, 12/11/2018)

AMERICAN SOYBEAN ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT DAVIE STEPHENS: “This legislation will undoubtedly provide a needed layer of stability and certainty for our soy industry and across agriculture.” (American Soybean Association Website, 12/13/2018)

NATIONAL CATTLEMEN’S BEEF ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT KEVIN KESTER: “America’s cattlemen and women want common sense and certainty from Congress this holiday season and throughout the year - today they received that through the passage of the Farm Bill.” (National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, Press Release, 12/12/2018)

OUTDOOR LIFE: “2018 Farm Bill is a Win for Outdoorsmen, Puts More Dollars into Conservation” (Outdoor Life, 12/13/2018)



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