‘Flipping Through The Newspapers’

The Obamacare Reality

SEN. HARRY REID (D-NV): “If someone would spend a minute, each day, flipping through the newspapers about health care, they would understand that Obamacare has changed America for the better.” (Sen. Reid, Floor Remarks, 9/21/2016)

So What Do The Newspapers Say?


NEW YORK TIMES: “Obamacare Premiums Set to Rise, Even for Savvy Shoppers”

WALL STREET JOURNAL: “Insurers Move to Limit Options in Health-Care Exchange Plans”

BUSINESS INSIDER: “Americans' out-of-pocket healthcare costs are skyrocketing”

CNBC: “Obamacare marketplaces remain vulnerable to fraud, new government audits find”

DENVER POST: “Colorado health-insurance rates to jump 20 percent on average for individual buyers in 2017”

PUEBLO CHIEFTAIN: “Affordable Care Act rates to jump in Pueblo region, state”

BALTIMORE SUN: “Marylanders face hefty rate increases for Obamacare”

USA TODAY: “Obamacare options to shrink for many in Ohio”

OMAHA WORLD-HERALD: “Health insurance rate increases may have some Nebraskans in sticker shock”

ST. PAUL PIONEER PRESS: “Insurers propose massive increase in individual health insurance rates”

CONNECTICUT MIRROR: “CT health insurance rates to rise sharply in 2017”

CONCORD MONITOR: “Maine health insurance cooperative leaves N.H. market, reeling from losses”

MIAMI HERALD: “Florida’s Obamacare premiums to rise average 19 percent in 2017, state says”

HARTFORD COURANT: “State Says ConnectiCare Ending Sale Of Obamacare Policies”

[BERGEN COUNTY] RECORD: “New Jersey left with just two Obamacare health providers for 2017”

STAR TRIBUNE: “Quest to add MNsure health plan options comes up short”

BOSTON GLOBE: “Premiums soar 21 percent for popular health plan”

ASSOCIATED PRESS: “Oregon settles lawsuit for botched health care rollout”

POLITICO: “Another piece of Obamacare falls short”

CNN MONEY: “Health care costs rise by most in 32 years”

NEW YORK TIMES: “Dropout by Dartmouth Raises Questions on Health Law Cost-Savings Effort”

ASSOCIATED PRESS: “Behind Health Law's 'Growing Pains,' More Serious Problems?”

THE HILL: “ObamaCare exits being felt . . .”

THE HILL: “Will the Blues be next to leave ObamaCare?”

GALLUP: “More Americans Negative Than Positive About ACA”


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