‘Setting Our Court System In The Right Direction With Good, Solid Nominations’


“The Senate confirmed its 40th circuit court judge on Wednesday, filling nearly a quarter of the circuit court system with conservative appointments under President Trump.” (The New York Times, 5/15/2019)

  • “[Kenneth] Lee is the latest in a series of young conservative jurists and administration appointees who have sailed through the Senate …” (The New York Times, 5/15/2019)

SENATE MAJORITY LEADER MITCH McCONNELL (R-KY): “The closest thing we will ever have an opportunity to do to have the longest impact on the country is confirming these great men and women and transforming the judiciary for as long into the future as we can.” (“Conquerors of the Courts,” The Washington Post Magazine, 1/02/2019)

  • SEN. SHELLEY MOORE CAPITO (R-WV): “I agree with [Leader McConnell] that setting our court system in the right direction with good, solid nominations is an important thing to be doing.” (The New York Times, 5/15/2019)
  • SEN. JOHN CORNYN (R-TX): “That’s one of the lasting legacies of any administration and any Congress, because these people will serve 25 to 30 more years…. In terms of prioritizing our time and effort, I think that should be at the top.” (Politico, 4/20/2018)


‘Nearly A Quarter Of The Circuit Court System’ Has Been Nominated By President Trump And Confirmed By The Republican Senate


Court of Appeals Authorized Judgeships: 179

Circuit Court of Appeals judges confirmed by 115th – 116th Congresses: 40

Percentage of all authorized appeals court judgeships nominated by President Trump and confirmed: 22.3%

 (“Judicial Vacancies,” United States Courts Website, Accessed 5/16/2019; Congress.gov, Accessed 5/16/2019)

“McConnell’s pace of filling federal court seats has been eye-popping, especially on the powerful appellate circuits.” (“McConnell's Laser Focus On Transforming The Judiciary,” Politico, 10/17/2018)



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