Independence, Loyalty To The Constitution

American Bar Association: ‘Judge Kavanaugh Believes Strongly In The Independence Of The Judicial Branch Of Government’


JUDGE BRETT KAVANAUGH: “[M]y only loyalty is to the Constitution and I have made it clear, I'm an independent judge.” (U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing, 9/06/2018)

  • JUDGE KAVANAUGH: “I think the first thing that makes a good judge is independence, not being swayed by political or public pressure. That takes some backbone, takes some judicial fortitude. The great moments in American judicial history, the judges had backbone and independence.” (U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing, 9/05/2018)

ABA: ‘If There Is A Pattern To [Judge Kavanaugh’s] Decisions, What We Saw Was An Allegiance To The Law’

“After studying his record and conducting a list of interviews, the [American Bar Association] determined the nominee would be an independent justice …” (Roll Call, 9/07/2018)

  • ABA Evaluation: “Based on the writings, interviews, and analyses that comprised this evaluation, we concluded that Judge Kavanaugh believes strongly in the independence of the judicial branch of government, and we believe that he will be a strong and respectful voice in protecting it.” (“Statement Of Paul T. Moxley, Chair, Standing Committee On The Federal Judiciary American Bar Association,” U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, 9/07/2018)

SEN. SHELDON WHITEHOUSE (D-RI): “In the evaluation of the nominee’s qualifications, did you have a chance to look at any patterns in his decisions on the court?”

JOHN TARPLEY, ABA: “We looked at a number of decisions. Our reading group examined every decision that he rendered. They read many of his writings…. If there is a pattern to [Judge Kavanaugh’s] decisions, what we saw was an allegiance to the law, a dedication to looking at the facts of each particular case and applying the law to the facts of that case, and a faithfulness to precedent.” (U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing, 9/07/2018)



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