‘Kelly Craft Is Going To Be A Great Ambassador To The United Nations’

As Ambassador To Canada, Kelly Craft Has Earned High Praise As ‘Well Respected And A Consummate Diplomat’ Giving Confidence That ‘She Is Going To Do A Great Job At The U.N.’


SENATE MAJORITY LEADER MITCH McCONNELL (R-KY): “[Last night, the Senate] also voted to advance the nomination of Ambassador Kelly Craft, a very impressive individual, to serve in the critical role of UN ambassador. Ms. Craft is a fellow product of the Bluegrass. She has already made Kentucky and the nation proud through significant public service, including as an alternate delegate to the United Nations and most recently as Ambassador to Canada…. And in each case she repaid the Senate’s confidence by skillfully and effectively advocating for the interests of the United States on the international stage. During her tenure as Ambassador to Canada, America’s relationship with our northern neighbor was tested. A number of challenging policy hurdles threatened to trip up progress on several important issues including trade negotiations. But by all accounts, Ambassador Craft’s involvement led to greater cooperation.” (Sen. McConnell, Remarks, 7/31/2019)

  • SEN. McCONNELL: “She worked on finalizing the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement, encouraged cross-border participation in joint sanctions efforts, and helped more Americans do business in Canada. And as she stands for this new role, she brings the ringing endorsements of peers and counterparts she engaged along the way…. Last week, even in this contentious moment, a wide bipartisan majority of our colleagues on the Foreign Relations Committee voted to recommend her nomination to be UN ambassador favorably here to the floor. And before we adjourn this week we will confirm her.” (Sen. McConnell, Remarks, 7/31/2019)

Last week, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved the nomination of Ambassador Kelly Craft to be U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations with a bipartisan vote of 15-7. (CQ Committee Coverage, 7/25/2019)

SEN. JIM RISCH (R-ID), Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman: “Proud to support Amb. Kelly Craft’s nomination to be US Ambassador to the UN—she was reported out of [the Senate Foreign Relations Committee] 15-7.” (Sen. Risch, @SenatorRisch, Twitter, 7/25/2019)

SEN. MARCO RUBIO (R-FL), Senate Foreign Relations Committee Member: “Kelly Craft is going to be a great ambassador to the United Nations…. The Canadians thought she did a very good job. She helped negotiate a very important trade deal that Canada is a part of and she is going to do a great job at the U.N…. We need somebody there, the General Assembly is coming up in September … and I look forward to voting for her on the floor.” (Sen. Rubio, @marcorubio, Twitter, 7/25/2019)


Canadian Officials: ‘Ambassador Craft Is A Friend And Interlocutor Who Canada Has Been Able To Rely On,’ ‘Friendly, Professional, And Respectful,’ ‘Well Respected And A Consummate Diplomat’

JUSTIN TRUDEAU, PRIME MINISTER OF CANADA: “Thank you Ambassador Kelly Craft, for your dedication to building on the strong relationship between our two countries. In particular, for your help securing a new North American trade deal that increases the prosperity of both Canada and the United States. You have always been friendly, professional, and respectful and I’ve appreciated working together these past two years.” (Prime Minister Trudeau, Statement, 6/18/2019)

MARC GARNEAU, CANADIAN MINISTER OF TRANSPORT: “Throughout her time in Ottawa, Ambassador Craft has been a valuable interlocutor and strong advocate for the Canada-U.S. relationship. In our interactions, I have found her to be knowledgeable and professional. I have benefited from her direct engagement on a range of files of importance to our two countries. And I have appreciated her constructive approach and her personal warmth.” (Minister Garneau, Statement, 6/18/2019)

RALPH GOODALE, CANADIAN MINISTER OF PUBLIC SAFETY AND EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS: “In her time as US Ambassador to Canada, Kelly Craft has demonstrated a clear understanding of the importance of her country’s relationship with its closest friend and ally. While always remaining an assiduous advocate for American interests, Ambassador Craft is a friend and interlocutor who Canada has been able to rely on over the past two years. When she hosted me in Kentucky last year during an official visit, I saw first-hand Ambassador Craft’s passion for her home state and the people who live there – it is the same devotion to the American people writ large that has guided her in her tenure as Ambassador.” (Minister Goodale, Statement, 6/18/2019)

DAVID MacNAUGHTON, CANADIAN AMBASSADOR TO THE UNITED STATES: “Ambassador Craft has represented her country extremely well and through her efforts has enhanced the partnership and friendship between Canada and the United States. She played a critical role during the NAFTA negotiations, where her diplomacy and tact helped deliver a trade agreement that is good for both countries. Ambassador Craft is well respected and a consummate diplomat; it has been my pleasure to work with her during the past two and a half years.” (David MacNaughton, Statement, 6/18/2019)


Ambassador Craft’s Fellow Foreign Envoys: ‘She’ll Continue To Be A Leader In Promoting Freedom, Human Rights, Rule Of Law And Democracy At The United Nations,’ And ‘Will Continue To Be A Steadfast Supporter And Friend Of The State Of Israel In The United Nations’

NIMROD BARKAN, ISRAELI AMBASSADOR TO CANADA: “Ever since we met upon your arrival to Ottawa, I was deeply impressed with you, your wisdom and sharpness, and, naturally, your love and support for the State of Israel. Well beyond your diligent work with Canada, you showed great interest in Israel-related issues, and worked tirelessly to improve both US-Israel relations as well as Canada-Israel relations, as much as you could. I want to thank you for your role in strengthening the US-Israel relationship during your tenure as American Ambassador to Canada…. I know, from our many conversations, that you will continue to be a steadfast supporter and friend of the State of Israel in the United Nations, within US foreign policy, and everywhere else that you will be in the future.” (Nimrod Barkan, Statement, 6/18/2019)

ORLANDO VIERA-BLANCO, JUAN GUAIDÓ VENEZUELAN GOVERNMENT’S ENVOY TO CANADA: “Ambassador Kelly Craft played a critical role in rallying international support through the Lima Group for the legitimacy of Juan Guaidó as the leader of Venezuela. I firmly and strongly believe she’ll continue to be a leader in promoting freedom, human rights, rule of law and democracy at the United Nations and be a friend of the people of Venezuela. Ambassador Craft also has shown values of sensibility and fraternity, attending and understanding the Venezuelan humanitarian emergency situation, and responding to our cause at any time that we requested her cooperation. We will always be grateful for Ambassador Craft and honored by her trust and solidarity.” (Orlando Viera-Blanco, Statement, 6/18/2019)


‘In Ottawa, [Ambassador] Craft Was A Bridge-Builder Between Two Governments’ And ‘Clearly Sees The Connection Between Defending Human Rights Globally And American Security’

MARYSCOTT “SCOTTY” GREENWOOD, Canadian American Business Council CEO, former chief of staff to President Clinton’s Ambassador to Canada: “[I]t was heartening to hear a member of the Trump administration publicly pledge to ‘reinforce the values, our values, that were central to the U.N.’s founding.’ That’s what Kelly Craft told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee last month during her confirmation hearing to become the next U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. She promised to do the job with ‘an unwavering commitment to universal human rights and freedom’ and vowed to ‘tackle human rights abuses every day.’ … Craft clearly sees the connection between defending human rights globally and American security…. She told her Senate hearing she would call out Russia and China by name at any sign of ‘corrosive, underhanded conduct.’ And she declared unequivocally that if she becomes the U.N. ambassador, ‘I am not going there to be Russia’s friend.’” (Maryscott Greenwood, Op-Ed, “Why Kelly Craft Is The Right Person For UN Ambassador,” Roll Call, 7/09/2019)

  • GREENWOOD: “But she also emphasized her readiness to build relationships at the U.N., the same personable approach she’s developed in her almost two years as U.S. ambassador to Canada, where she has steered what is traditionally one of the world’s smoothest friendships through unusually fraught times…. In Ottawa, Craft was a bridge-builder between two governments unexpectedly — and awkwardly — at odds. ‘Ambassador Craft was confronted with the most difficult bilateral climate our countries have ever experienced,’ says Frank McKenna, who was Canada’s ambassador in Washington in the mid-2000s. ‘Her charm and tact was a healing balm, and her intelligence and competence made her highly respected across the country.’” (Maryscott Greenwood, Op-Ed, “Why Kelly Craft Is The Right Person For UN Ambassador,” Roll Call, 7/09/2019)



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