Scott Pruitt ‘More Than Qualified To Lead EPA’

Pruitt ‘Will Strike The Right Balance Between Protecting Our Land, Air And Water While Respecting The Rights Of Property Owners And Entrepreneurs’

“The Oklahoma attorney general is likely to be confirmed, only needing 50 votes in the upper chamber, and has already earned the support of Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.).” (“Five Things To Watch In Round 2 Of Trump Confirmation Fights,” The Hill, 1/17/17)

  • “Dem Manchin lauds Trump’s EPA pick: Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) lauded President-elect Donald Trump’s pick to lead the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Thursday, saying he ‘has the right experience for the position.’ … ‘Attorney General Pruitt and I had a very productive conversation today about his plans for the Environmental Protection Agency and ways we can work together,’ Manchin said in the statement. ‘We both come from energy producing states and have a great deal in common.’” (“Dem Manchin Lauds Trump’s EPA Pick,” The Hill, 1/5/17)

EPW COMMITTEE MEMBERS: ‘Pruitt Is Exactly The Type Of Person We Need To Lead The EPA’

SEN. SHELLEY MOORE CAPITO (R-WV): “Attorney General Pruitt is exactly the type of person we need to lead the EPA during this critical time. He has been a driving force behind the legal battle against President Obama’s environmental policies and far-reaching regulations. I look forward to working with him to reverse policies that threaten affordable, reliable energy and jobs.” (Sen. Capito, Press Release, 12/07/2016)

SEN. ROGER WICKER (R-MS): “Mr. Pruitt is more than qualified to lead EPA... The agency was created to protect our environment. However, under the Obama Administration, it has overreached and sought unjustified measures for political gain rather than achieving environmental protection. Mr. Pruitt’s goal to reinstate EPA’s core mission will help stimulate our economy, bring back jobs, and safeguard our natural heritage. I applaud President-elect Trump’s nomination and look forward to working with Mr. Pruitt as he restores balance to the agency.” (Sen. Wicker, Press Release, 1/04/2017)

SEN. DAN SULLIVAN (R-AK): “Each time Attorney General Pruitt has testified before the EPW Committee, I’ve been impressed by his eloquent legal analysis and his incisive refutation of the lawless overreach we’ve seen from President Obama’s EPA these past 8 years. All Americans, regardless of their political leanings, want clean air and clean water. But Americans do not want an out-of-control federal government and an endless stream of regulations that are more about control than the health of our environment. Attorney General Pruitt has stepped up time and again to defend his constituents and challenge the federal government through litigation when the federal government overreaches.  As a former state attorney general who also recognized the importance of states challenging the federal government, Attorney General Pruitt’s appointment sends a strong signal that the new administration’s EPA will be run under its congressionally defined scope of authority.” (Sen. Sullivan, Press Release, 12/07/2016)

SEN. JOHN BOOZMAN (R-AR): “We need an EPA Administrator who is committed to restoring the voice of citizens impacted by regulations, renewing common sense to the agency and ensuring the policies created follow the rule of law. Scott Pruitt understands the parameters of the EPA. His proven record of fighting to protect American families and businesses from the burdensome red tape makes him well suited to rein in the EPA. As a member of the Environment and Public Works Committee, I look forward to working with him to ensure the EPA uses a smart, balanced approach to safeguard our environment.” (Sen. Boozman, Press Release, 1/05/2017)

SEN. JONI ERNST (R-IA): “Mr. Pruitt told me in our meeting that the role of the EPA is to enforce the law as written by Congress ... We also discussed increasing concerns over the environmental regulations coming out of the EPA. Overall, we had a thoughtful conversation about the need to do everything possible to fix these federal overreaches and get the EPA back on track to operating within the congressional intent of our laws, acknowledging the federal-state partnerships that exist and faithfully considering the comments of the public.” (Sen. Ernst, Press Release, 1/05/2017)

OKLAHOMANS: Pruitt ‘A Good Steward Of The Environment,’ ‘A Tireless Advocate Of The Precious Balance Of Power Between State And Federal Governments’

GOV. MARY FALLIN (R-OK): “Attorney General Scott Pruitt is a tireless advocate of the precious balance of power between state and federal governments. In his nearly six years as attorney general, he led the charge to combat the ever-increasing overreach of the Obama administration. I applaud President-elect Trump’s appointment of Scott Pruitt as head of the EPA. He will ensure states retain their decision-making policies, instead of having them transferred to the federal government.” (“Gov. Fallin Releases Statement After Trump Picks Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt To Head EPA,” KFOR-TV Oklahoma City, 12/08/2016)

SEN. JIM INHOFE (R-OK): “Scott Pruitt has been a leader and a partner on environmental issues for many years... Pruitt has fought back against unconstitutional and overzealous environmental regulations like Waters of the U.S. and the Clean Power Plan; he has proven that being a good steward of the environment does not mean burdening tax payers and businesses with red tape. In his appearances before the Environment and Public Works committee, Pruitt has demonstrated that he is an expert on environmental laws and a champion of states’ roles in implementing those laws. Scott is thoughtful, experienced and a natural pick for this role.” (Sen. Lankford, Press Release, 12/07/2016)

SEN. JAMES LANKFORD (R-OK): “I applaud President-elect Trump and his team for choosing Scott Pruitt to lead the Environmental Protection Agency... Pruitt has served Oklahoma as a tireless defender of justice and law, and I am confident that he will serve America well. I look forward to working with him to restore a balanced approach to regulations and governance that fosters economic growth, advances energy independence and ensures stewardship for the environment. Scott Pruitt knows the difference between a state responsibility and a federal responsibility. The American people deserve an EPA that rejects extreme activism and instead returns to its proper interpretation of environmental law.” (Sen. Lankford, Press Release, 12/07/2016)

FORMER OKLAHOMA ATTORNEY GENERAL MIKE TURPEN (D): “As a lifelong Democrat, I may not agree with all of the President-elect’s policies or nominees, but I do know that Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt is a good choice to head up the Environmental Protection Agency... Scott Pruitt’s background in constitutional law, combined with a nuanced understanding of how environmental regulations affect the economy, mean that he will be a thoughtful leader of the EPA, and one capable of striking the balance between protecting the environment and our economy... [T]he job of the EPA is the essential mission of guaranteeing clean air and clean water. Scott Pruitt has never compromised those critical components of a healthy population with any actions he has taken... His vision for a proper relationship between protection and prosperity makes him superbly qualified to serve as our next EPA administrator.” (Mike Turpen, Op-Ed, “Pruitt Is a Balanced Selection for EPA Chief,” InsideSources.com, 12/12/2016)

FORMER SEN. DON NICKLES (R-OK): “I have every confidence that Scott will do an outstanding job. I think he will be confirmed.” (“Former U.S. Sen. Don Nickles: Scott Pruitt Will Do A 'Great Job' As New EPA Chief If Confirmed,” Tulsa World, 12/13/2016)

REP. TOM COLE (R-OK): “I am extremely pleased with President-Elect Trump’s decision to appoint Attorney General Scott Pruitt to lead the EPA... This is what I predict to be one of Mr. Trump’s best appointments. I’ve been privileged to know Scott Pruitt since he was a young State Senator in Oklahoma back in 1996. During his time in the State Senate and as Attorney General, he has proven to be an energetic, hard-working visionary, and an exceptional public servant. He is a person of absolute integrity ... Scott knows how to enforce regulations in a way that values economic opportunity, while simultaneously protecting the health and safety of the American people. I have no doubt he will strike the right balance between protecting our land, air and water while respecting the rights of property owners and entrepreneurs.” (Rep. Cole, Press Release, 12/08/2016)

OKLAHOMA SECRETARY OF AGRICULTURE JIM REESE: “Scott Pruitt is a great selection to be administrator of EPA... We need the EPA. They have assisted Oklahoma and America in improving and protecting our air, water and land. Scott Pruitt will continue EPA’s efforts to protect our environment, but with respect towards land owners, taxpayers, municipalities, businesses, and Congress.” (“Oklahoma Secretary of Agriculture Happy With Trump’s EPA Selection,” The Ponca City News, 1/10/2017)

OKLAHOMA FARM BUREAU PRESIDENT TOM BUCHANAN: “I have found Pruitt to be a genuine man filled with integrity. He is quick to listen, and slow to speak. He’s a consensus builder that wants to understand the truth and find middle ground... I am confident that Attorney General Pruitt would not only bring common sense and sanity back to what has become a lawless agency, he would restore that agency to its original mission: assisting the states in achieving cleaner air and cleaner water.” (Tom Buchanan, Op-Ed, “Guest View: Pruitt Would Be A Friend To Ag Atop EPA,” The Quad City Times, 12/16/2016)


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