Far-Left Demands ‘Governmental Chaos’

And Sen. Schumer & Senate Democrats Deliver With A Government Shut Down

SEN. MITCH MCCONNELL (R-KY): “This vote should be a ‘no-brainer.’ And it would be – except that the Democratic Leader has convinced his members to filibuster any funding bill that doesn’t include legislation they are demanding for people who came to the United States illegally. What has been shoehorned into this discussion is an insistence that we deal with an illegal immigration issue. He’s insisted that he won’t support any legislation at all for the American people – no matter how noncontroversial or how bipartisan – unless we pass a bill on illegal immigration first. If that means shutting down funding for veterans, military families, opioid treatment centers, and even federal grants to his home state of New York — so be it. If it means throwing a wrench into the gears of the U.S. economy, just as Americans are starting to feel the benefits of historic tax reform – so be it. If it means failing to renew the children’s health program which the House-passed bill funded for a full six years — apparently that’s just fine with those on the other side.” (Sen. McConnell, Floor Remarks, 1/19/2018)

Liberal: Democrats ‘Have To Be Willing To Go All The Way To Government Shutdown’

“The Battle Over DACA Reaches a Fever Pitch: Democrats punted the immigration fight in December, but with another shutdown deadline looming, Dreamer activists are warning them not to do so again.” (“The Battle Over DACA Reaches A Fever Pitch,” The Atlantic, 1/9/2018)

  • NEW YORK DEMOCRAT: “I am a constituent of yours in New York. I insist #NoDreamNoDeal. Shut the government down unless Dreamers are protected…” (@DgMuir, Twitter, 1/9/2018)

“The January battle to keep the government open is the fight Democrats have been itching for. On three occasions in recent months, Democrats punted on some of their top priorities as the GOP passed short-term funding bills — a strategy that outraged liberals eager for confrontation on issues like immigration…” (“Itching For A Fight, Dems Vow To Hold The Line,” The Hill, 1/3/2018)


SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER (D-NY): “…basically, it's sort of like this. Someone goes into your house, takes your wife and children hostage and then, says, let's negotiate over the price of your house. You know, we could do the same thing on immigration. We believe strongly in immigration reform. We could say, ‘we’re shutting down the government, we’re not gonna raise the debt ceiling, until you pass immigration reform.’ It would be governmental chaos.” (ABC’s “This Week,” 10/6/13)


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