Governors ‘Urge Immediate Action On The Children’s Health Insurance Program’

Govs: ‘We Believe Covering Children And Pregnant Women Without Disruption Is One Thing We Can All Agree On’

GOVS: ‘Give The Families Who Rely On CHIP The Peace Of Mind Of Knowing That Their Children Will Be Able To Get The Health Care They Need’

GOV. TOM WOLF (D-PA): “The 178,000 children in PA that rely on CHIP for health care deserve better … We need a sustainable, long-term funding solution for this vital program …” (Gov. Wolf, @GovernorTomWolf, Twitter, 1/16/2018)

GOV. CHRIS SUNUNU (R-NH): “Now is the time to put politics aside so that we can work towards a solution that gives New Hampshire’s children access to the healthcare they need, especially during their most vulnerable and formative years, The Senate has the opportunity to reauthorize CHIP for six years – the longest reauthorization of health insurance for American children in history. I implore @SenatorHassan and @SenatorShaheen to vote for today’s continuing resolution.” (Gov. Sununu, @GovChrisSununu, Twitter, 1/19/2018)

GOV. DOUG BURGUM (R-ND): “Encouraging @SenJohnHoeven and @SenatorHeitkamp to follow @RepKevinCramer and House’s lead to avoid shutdown, fund our military and reauthorize health insurance for children.” (@DougBurgum, Twitter, 1/19/2018)

GOV. BRIAN SANDOVAL (R-NV): “There are more than 40,000 low-income families desperately waiting for CHIP re-authorization to ensure access to healthcare. This includes children who are receiving life-saving cancer treatments, preventative care, and other critical healthcare services. As I have said before, Nevada’s ability to provide CHIP to these children is coming to a preventable end because of the elimination of federal funding. These families cannot wait and I urge the Senate to pass the measure in front of them today to provide certainty for our children’s healthcare.” (Gov. Sandoval, Press Release, 1/19/2018)

GOV. PHILIP SCOTT (R-VT) & GOV. CHRIS SUNUNU (R-NH): “We write in support of Congress reauthorizing… the Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP).  These funds and the health care activities they support enjoy broad bipartisan backing… Without reauthorization of CHIP, both of our states will face significant budgetary pressures as we continue to provide coverage for children in our states.  We, therefore, urge you to work in a bipartisan manner to reauthorize these critical programs. … Regarding CHIP, both New Hampshire and Vermont have used the CHIP program to expand Medicaid coverage for children.  In Vermont, CHIP has allowed the state to achieve near universal coverage of children, with the lowest uninsured rate among children in the country.  Likewise, New Hampshire’s CHIP program covers nearly every eligible child under the age of 19.  Each program supports preventive and oral health care, both of which are critical to starting children on a healthy path.  Supporting a five-year extension provides our states with stability and predictability that is important to planning and budgeting. … We encourage you to quickly work together to reach a bipartisan agreement…” (Govs. Sununu & Scott, Letter To Congressional Leadership, 11/21/2017)

GOV. GARY HERBERT (R-UT): “20,000 kids in Utah need Congress to reauthorize the Children's Health Insurance Program immediately. #CHIP … There is broad bi-partisan agreement and no reason to punt again.” (Gov. Herbert, @GovHerbert, Twitter, 1/19/2018)

GOV. SCOTT WALKER (R-WI): “Senate Democrats, do not shut down the federal government. You are jeopardizing funding for our military and health insurance for our children. That is wrong.” (@GovWalker, Twitter, 1/19/2018)

  • GOV. WALKER (R-WI): “…I write to encourage you to reauthorize funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and uphold the federal state partnership which helps ensure that Wisconsin’s children receive access to medical care. Wisconsin currently receives approximately $115 million in federal matching funds each year. These dollars ensure that more than 100,000 children are insured. Despite the lack of congressional action on reauthorization, Wisconsin is fortunate to be able to continue eligibility into 2018. However, failure to act will force Wisconsin, and other states, to fulfill the federal government’s share of their commitment to provide access to this care. There is nothing more important than the health of the children in Wisconsin and across the United States. Your immediate attention to the reauthorization of funding for CHIP to help children throughout the country maintain access to care is critical.” (Gov. Walker, Letter To Sen. McConnell & Speaker Ryan, 12/5/2017)

12 GOVERNORS: “We ask that you make it a priority to reauthorize the Children's Health Insurance program (CHIP) as quickly as possible. We believe covering children and pregnant women without disruption is one thing we can all agree on. For twenty years, this program has successfully provided vital health coverage and care to about nine million children. Without it, access to essential health services like well child exams, asthma medicine, and hospitalizations will be at risk. As health insurance premiums climb at unsustainable rates, this program gives hard-working families access to otherwise unaffordable coverage…. We encourage you to … allow this important program to continue and give the families who rely on CHIP the peace of mind of knowing that their children will be able to get the health care they need in the new year.” (12 Governors, Letter To Speaker Ryan, Rep. Pelosi, And Sens. McConnell And Schumer, 12/12/2017)

  • Letter signed by: Gov. John Hickenlooper (D-CO), Gov. John Kasich (R-OH), Gov. Bill Walker (I-AK), Gov. John Bel Edwards (D-LA), Gov. Tom Wolf (D-PA), Gov. Chris Sununu (R-NH), Gov. Charles Baker (R-MA), Gov. Steve Bullock (D-MT), Gov. Phil Scott (R-VT), Gov. Brian Sandoval (R-NV), Gov. Mark Dayton (D-MN), Then-Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D-VA)

GOV. CHARLIE BAKER (R-MA) & GOV. KATE BROWN (D-OR): “On behalf of the nation’s governors, we urge immediate action on the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) … In the case of CHIP, governors have written to Congress about the importance of children’s health coverage…. Absent congressional action, states will be forced to take steps including the notification of thousands of families of the loss of CHIP health care coverage. Taking steps to avoid those worst-case outcomes places a tremendous administrative and financial burden on states and sows confusion among vulnerable populations.” (Govs. Baker and Brown, Letter to Speaker Ryan, Rep. Pelosi, and Sens. McConnell and Schumer, 11/29/2017)

GOV. LARRY HOGAN (R-MD): “I write today to urge you to take immediate bipartisan action to reauthorize the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)… We should all agree that needy kids should never become a political football. The Maryland Children’s Health Insurance Program (MCHP) serves more than 146,000 low-income children.  If Congress fails to reauthorize CHIP, the fiscal impact on our state will be substantial.  Without reauthorization, it is projected that Maryland will run out of CHIP funding by April 2018… This potential worst-case outcome places a tremendous financial and administrative burden on our state and sows fear and confusion among some of our most vulnerable populations. …I urge you to work together on a bipartisan basis to reauthorize CHIP and avoid a congressional failure that would have devastating impacts on children and families in Maryland, and in states across the nation.” (Gov. Larry Hogan, Letter To Congressional Leaders, 12/12/2017)

GOV. GREG ABBOTT (R-TX): “Please take immediate action to reauthorize federal funds for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). The program provides coverage for 400,000 Texas kids for services such as regular check-ups, prescription drugs and acute care. Without immediate reauthorization or redistribution of funds, Texas will, as soon as February, exhaust funding for the program. State law requires that the program be terminated once funding is exhausted. Thus, absent any action by the federal government, Texas will begin the process of terminating CHIP by notifying enrollees the program will end due to a lack of federal funding. … The real solution is for Congress to reauthorize CHIP funding. Currently, there is legislation that was passed by the House and is pending before the Senate. This is positive movement. However, time is of the essence. Please reauthorize CHIP and urge CMS to immediately commit and provide redistribution funding to Texas before the state must notify families that the program has been terminated.” (Gov. Abbott, Letter To Congressional Leadership, 12/1/2017)

GOV. DOUG DUCEY (R-AZ): “I am writing today to encourage Congress to swiftly pass an extension of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) in both the House and Senate. Today, over 23,000 Arizona kids depend on this program for a wide variety of medical treatments from setting a broken arm to cancer treatment…. As you know, CHIP has had bipartisan support beginning with its inception in 1997. This has never been a partisan issue and should not be one now. There are a lot of things that divide us, but taking care of these kids is something that should unite us.” (Gov. Ducey, Letter to Rep. Schweikert, 11/01/2017)

GOV. BILL HASLAM (R-TN): “We obviously would like to see that [funding for CHIP] resolved. We’re at the tip of the spear when it comes to serving folks…. I am concerned. People will have to realize if that doesn’t get reauthorized we will be providing less service.” (“Congress Stalls On Kids’ Insurance Funding, Raising Concerns From Haslam To A Neonatologist,” The Tennessean, 12/06/2017)

GOV. ERIC HOLCOMB (R-IN): “…the short-term funding bill just passed by the House… I’m pleased it funds Children’s Health Insurance for 6 yrs and delays the Medical Device Tax for 2 yrs - both critical to Hoosiers. Senate needs to follow the House’s lead. #CHIP” (Gov. Holcomb, @GovHolcomb, Twitter, 1/18/2018)


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