Patrick Shanahan ‘An Extremely Qualified Candidate’

‘Senate Will Vote To Break A Democratic Filibuster Of Patrick Shanahan’ To Give ‘Secretary Mattis The Senior Leadership He Needs’

Today The ‘Senate Will Vote To Break A Democratic Filibuster’

“On Monday evening, the Senate will vote to break a Democratic filibuster of Patrick Shanahan to be deputy secretary of defense.” (“…Here's What Congress Is Up To This Week,” CNN, 7/17/2017)

SEN. JOHN MCCAIN (R-AZ): “In order to rebuild the military, the Pentagon needs to ramp up readiness programs and embark on an ambitious plan for modernization to make sure our service members are given the training, resources, and capabilities they need. To do that, the Department of Defense must have senior leadership. The position of Deputy Secretary of State is one of the most critical positions in our government. It is essentially the chief operating officer of the largest, most complex organization in the world—the Department that is entrusted with ensuring our national security. Patrick Shanahan is a well-qualified nominee who passed out of the Armed Services Committee on a voice vote. This body voted overwhelmingly, 98 to 1, to confirm General Mattis as Secretary of Defense. He had our overwhelming support to lead the Department during challenging times. Yet we have not given Secretary Mattis the senior leadership he needs to help him do his job.” (Sen. McCain, Congressional Record, S.3968, 7/17/2017)

  • Last week Sen. McCain “tried twice Thursday to get a floor vote set for President Trump's pick to be deputy defense secretary, Pat Shanahan, only to be blocked each time by Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. ‘You can choose to vote ‘no,’ you can choose to vote ‘yes,’ but let’s just vote,’ McCain said. ‘The obstruction has gone on long enough – and it has to stop … This is a time for us to put aside all of that, for the sake of our national security.’ But Schumer was unmoved…” (“McCain Frustrated With Senate Logjam On Nominees: 'Let's Just Vote,'” Washington Examiner, 7/14/2017)

SEN. CANTWELL: Patrick Shanahan’s ‘Entire Career Has Been About Solving Problems No One Else Can Solve’

SEN. MARIA CANTWELL (D-WA): “I am proud to introduce an extremely qualified candidate, Patrick Shanahan, to serve as the Deputy Secretary of the Department of Defense. … Mr. Shanahan has a unique experience leading major reforms of large, highly complex programs at the Boeing Company, such as the 737 MAX and the 787 Dreamliner.  These aircraft have cutting-edge technology, keeping them ahead of the global competition. His entire career has been about solving problems no one else can solve, and these skills would be invaluable at DOD.  He drives change by building teams that think outside the box and then convince others to think in doing things new ways.  Mr. Shanahan has driven reforms in talent management, affordability, technology, and supply chain, and he has had an impressive 31-year career at the Boeing Company, last serving as Senior Vice President of Supply Chain Operations.  His hands-on leadership inspires those around him to strive to achieve results on time and on budget.  And Mr. Shanahan, managing the Boeing Company’s complex operations in Renton and Everett, Washington and Charleston, South Carolina, has served as the head of the commercial airplane program.  His attention to detail, while operating some of the largest manufacturing operations in the world, will prove invaluable at DOD.” (U.S. Senate, Armed Services Committee, Hearing, 6/20/2017)

Shanahan Filibuster Part Of A Pattern

At The Dems’ Current Glacial Pace, It Will Take More Than 11 Years To Staff The Executive Branch

SEN. MITCH McCONNELL (R-KY): “This [Democrat obstruction] is not about changing an outcome; it’s about wasting time to make it more difficult for the President to make appointments.  … I urge the minority to think critically about the consequences for the Senate and our country if they allow this near-total obstruction to continue.” (Sen. McConnell, Floor Remarks, 7/11/2017)

WALL STREET JOURNAL: “Senate Democrats are abusing Senate rules to undermine the executive branch... Democrats aren’t using cloture to raise the level of debate or highlight unqualified nominees. They are using it—and have said as much—to sabotage a Presidency.” (Editorial, “Running The Schumer Blockade,” The Wall Street Journal, 7/10/17)

2016 PLUM BOOK: Positions Subject to Presidential Appointment with Senate Confirmation (PAS) – Total: 1242 (Senate Committee On Homeland Security And Governmental Affairs, “Policy And Supporting Positions” [Or Plum Book], Pg.216, 12/1/2016)

  • As of July 11, 2017 the Senate has confirmed people to 49 PAS positions, and 30 required cloture votes
  • 1193 PAS positions therefore remain empty

Under The Current Scenario: In the 173 days since January 20, 2017, the Senate has confirmed 49 PAS nominations, or one every 3.5 days.  At a similar rate of 3.5 days per nominee it would take 11.4 years (4,175 days) to fill the remaining 1193 PAS positions listed in the Plum Book. 

PREVIOUSLY: Democrats Slowed Cabinet Confirmations ‘To A Historic Degree’

“Senate Democrats … are slow-walking the installation of Trump’s Cabinet to a historic degree…” (“‘The Senate Is Coming Apart,’” Politico, 2/5/2017)


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