Three Years Of Joe Biden’s Failures Leaves The State Of Our Union Weaker And Americans Deeply Unsatisfied


SENATE REPUBLICAN LEADER MITCH McCONNELL (R-KY): “Tonight, President Biden will deliver the last State of the Union address of his term. For the past three years, these speeches have served as mile markers, but not of any meaningful progress toward a more perfect union. Instead, each year, the American people tuned in to see just how far the President’s own version of his record is from the reality of their lives. For three years, the President who campaigned as a moderate has governed like an activist from the furthest fringe of the Democratic Party. The Biden Administration’s agenda has meant pain at home and weakness abroad. It didn’t have to be this way. President Biden took office amid strong tailwinds – from an economic recovery that was already restoring the record-setting prosperity we saw before the pandemic to an historic modernization of our military that was well underway. He inherited everything he needed to point our nation toward further security and prosperity. But he chose weakness and invited danger instead…. Tonight, we’ll hear from a President who’s failed in the most basic responsibilities of government. He’ll come to the Capitol with a record of historic inflation, surging crime, open borders, and weakness on the world stage.” (Sen. McConnell, Remarks, 3/07/2024)

  • LEADER McCONNELL: “Then, of course, the American people will witness a stark contrast. They’ll hear our colleague, Senator Britt, tell her story and offer a very different assessment of this moment in American history – one that embraces what makes our nation great. I’ll be glad for the nation to hear directly from the youngest Republican woman ever elected to the Senate and one of our conference’s brightest stars.” (Sen. McConnell, Remarks, 3/07/2024)

SEN. KATIE BRITT (R-AL): “After 3 years of President Biden, our nation is weaker and more vulnerable across our homeland, at the border, and around the world.” (Sen. Britt, @SenKatieBritt, Twitter, 1/20/2024)

  • SEN. BRITT: “Instead of strengthening U.S. energy security, President Biden has chosen to continue appeasing far-left Green New Deal enthusiasts by freezing new LNG project permits…. This irresponsible, job-killing move will effectively weaken America’s role as the world’s leading exporter of LNG and further diminish the American energy dominance that President Biden inherited…. At every turn, this Administration puts its partisan agenda ahead of hardworking American families.” (“Britt Promotes Effort To Unlock American Liquefied Natural Gas Potential,” Yellowhammer News, 2/12/2024)

After Three Years In Office, Poll After Poll After Poll Shows A Large Majority Of Americans Give Failing Grades To President Biden

AP/NORC POLL: “Going into the [State of the Union], just 38% of U.S. adults approve of how Biden is handling his job as president, while 61% disapprove.” (The Associated Press, 3/04/2024)

FOX NEWS POLL: “Overall, 42% approve of the job Biden is doing and 58% disapprove, which is about where the results were in December, but is far below where he was near the start of his term …” (Fox News, 3/03/2024)

NEW YORK TIMES/SIENA POLL: Voters in the poll disapprove of Biden’s handling of his job of president by 61% to 36%. (Times/Siena Poll, 3/02/2024)

GALLUP POLL: “Americans’ approval of President Joe Biden’s job performance has edged down three percentage points to 38%, just one point shy of his all-time low … Biden’s approval rating has not risen above 44% since August 2021, and his 39.8% average rating for his third year in office was the second worst among post-World War II presidents elected to their first term.” (“Biden's Job Approval Edges Down to 38%,” Gallup, 2/23/2024)

QUINNIPIAC POLL: “Voters give President Biden a negative 40 - 57 percent job approval rating.” (Quinnipiac Poll, 2/21/2024)

MONMOUTH POLL: “Public opinion of Biden’s overall job performance currently stands at 38% approve and 58% disapprove.” (Monmouth Poll, 2/20/2024)

Three Years Of ‘Bidenomics’ Has Left Americans Paying More For Nearly Everything

LEADER McCONNELL: Since President Biden took office, consumer prices have risen 17.9%. On his watch, our economy has seen inflation grow at its fastest rate in four decades. As prices soared, wages failed to keep up. Paychecks have risen just 14.5%. In other words, the Biden economy has effectively imposed a pay cut across the board. … And polls continue to report that the country isn’t very bullish on the prospects of undoing the Biden Administration’s damage anytime soon. … So Madam President, this President’s economy is leaving workers feeling suffocated. The effects of historic inflation are inescapable. Even after paying the rent or the mortgage, and footing steep utility bills, families still have to put food on the table in the face of a food price surge that’s making the wrong sort of history. Since January 2021, nationwide grocery costs have increased 21%. The cost of dining out has increased nearly the same. And by USDA’s own figures, grocery budgets are now taking up a larger share of disposable incomes than at any point since 1991. … This is the Biden economy. This is Bidenomics in action. And bizarrely, this is what the Biden Administration has decided to spin as a roaring success.” (Sen. McConnell, Remarks, 3/06/2024)

Americans Are Still Saddled With The High Prices Biden’s Economic Polices Caused And Their Dissatisfaction With Biden’s Handling Of The Economy And Inflation Is Palpable

AP/NORC POLL: “[P]eople are less satisfied by Biden’s handling of … the economy (34%) … Nearly 6 in 10 (57%) Americans think the national economy is somewhat or much worse off than before Biden took office in 2021. Only 3 in 10 adults say it’s better under his leadership.” (The Associated Press, 3/04/2024)

CBS NEWS/YOUGOV POLL: 57% of Americans rate the economy as bad and 55% say that if Biden wins another term his policies “would make the prices you pay for things” go up. (CBS News Poll, 3/03/2024)

FOX NEWS POLL: 62% of voters disapprove of Joe Biden’s handling of the economy and “just a quarter of voters today feel Biden’s policies are helping them, as almost half say they are hurting (48%) …” (Fox News Poll, 3/03/2024)

NEW YORK TIMES/SIENA POLL: A plurality of respondents (43%) said they think Joe Biden’s policies have hurt them personally and 51% rate the nation’s economy as poor. (Times/Siena Poll, 3/02/2024)

  • When voters were asked if they think the economy is better or worse than it was four years ago, 65% of respondents said worse. (Times/Siena Poll, 3/02/2024)

GALLUP POLL: “When asked whether the economy is getting better or worse, 32% say it is improving and 61% worsening.” (“Immigration Surges To Top of Most Important Problem List,” Gallup, 2/27/2024)

HARVARD/HARRIS POLL: 60% say the economy is on the wrong track and 58% call U.S. economic performance weak. (Harvard/Harris Poll, 2/22/2024)

QUINNIPIAC POLL: “Voters were asked about Biden's handling of... the economy: 42 percent approve, while 55 percent disapprove …” (Quinnipiac Poll, 2/21/2024)

MONMOUTH POLL: “[Biden] gets decidedly poor ratings on handling inflation (34% approve, 63% disapprove) …” (Monmouth Poll, 2/20/2024)

  • “When asked whether their own family has been helped by [the current U.S. economy], just one-third say they have personally benefited either a great deal (9%) or some (24%). At the opposite end of the spectrum, 40% of Americans say they have not benefited at all.” (Monmouth Poll, 2/20/2024)
  • “45% say middle-class families have not benefited at all from Biden’s policies, 40% say the same about poor families …” (Monmouth Poll, 2/20/2024)

There’s One Way President Biden Brought Americans Together: ‘Majorities In Both [Parties] Say They Are Very Concerned About The Cost Of Food, Consumer Goods And Housing’

PEW RESEARCH POLL: “Majorities of Americans continue to express a high level of concern about the price of food and consumer goods (72% say they are very concerned about this) and the cost of housing (64%). About half (51%) say they are very concerned about the price of gasoline and energy. More than eight-in-ten say they are at least somewhat concerned about each of these economic issues.” (Pew Research, 1/25/2024)

  • “Republicans and Democrats are fairly aligned in their economic concerns. Majorities in both groups say they are very concerned about the cost of food, consumer goods and housing.” (Pew Research, 1/25/2024)

‘Americans Are Paying On Average $605 More Each Month Compared With The Same Time Two Years Ago And $1,019 More Compared With Three Years Ago’

“After years of inflation, US consumers are shouldering a burden unlike anything seen in decades ...” (“Just How Bad Is The US Cost-of-Living Squeeze? We Did the Math,” Bloomberg News, 11/27/2023)

“The typical U.S. household needed to pay $213 more a month in January to purchase the same goods and services it did one year ago because of still-high inflation, according to new calculations from Moody's Analytics chief economist Mark Zandi. Americans are paying on average $605 more each month compared with the same time two years ago and $1,019 more compared with three years ago, before the inflation crisis began.” (“High Inflation Is Still Squeezing Americans' Budgets,” Fox Business, 2/14/2024)

“Inflation has created severe financial pressures for most U.S. households, which are forced to pay more for everyday necessities like food and rent. The burden is disproportionately borne by low-income Americans, whose already-stretched paychecks are heavily impacted by price fluctuations.” (“High Inflation Is Still Squeezing Americans' Budgets,” Fox Business, 2/14/2024)

‘Overall Inflation, As Measured By The Consumer Price Index, Has Risen At 3% Or Above For 34 Months In A Row — The Longest Streak Since The Late 1980s And Early 1990s’

“Overall inflation, as measured by the Consumer Price Index, has risen at 3% or above for 34 months in a row — the longest streak since the late 1980s and early 1990s.” (“Inflation Cooled Last Month, But Some Price Hikes Continue To Cause Pain,” CNN, 2/13/2024)

The sting of those past price increases might be part of why so many Americans remain down on the economy. An analysis conducted by Goldman Sachs economists suggests that frustration with high price levels might have contributed to low confidence readings that persisted in the early 1980s even after inflation had slipped sharply.” (“Hotter-Than-Expected Inflation Clouds Rate-Cut Outlook,” The Wall Street Journal, 2/13/2024)

‘It’s Been 30 Years Since Food Ate Up This Much of Your Income’

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: ‘It’s Been 30 Years Since Food Ate Up This Much of Your Income’ (The Wall Street Journal, 2/21/2024)

  • “In 1991, U.S. consumers spent 11.4% of their disposable personal income on food, according to data from the U.S. Agriculture Department. At the time, households were still dealing with steep food-price increases following an inflationary period during the 1970s. More than three decades later, food spending has reattained that level, USDA data shows. In 2022, consumers spent 11.3% of their disposable income on food, according to the most recent USDA data available.” (“It’s Been 30 Years Since Food Ate Up This Much of Your Income,” The Wall Street Journal, 2/21/2024)

‘Americans Are Furious About High Inflation,’ Especially When They Look At Their Grocery Bills

“Americans are furious about high inflation, according to the Axios Vibes survey by The Harris Poll.” (“A $126 Grocery Tab That Explains The Vibes Paradox,” Axios, 1/13/2024)

“Suppose, in December of 2019, you had a weekly grocery budget of $100. At the end of 2020 your weekly grocery bill would have risen to $103.97, based on Axios' analysis of government data. Not ideal, but fairly manageable. But over the course of 2021, those prices really took off, to $110.78 that December. Then they kept soaring in the months that followed, bringing your grocery bill to $123.88 at the end of 2022. In 2023, the price of ‘food at home’ (as the Bureau of Labor Statistics calls it) kept rising, so that weekly bill was $125.51 last month.” (“A $126 Grocery Tab That Explains The Vibes Paradox,” Axios, 1/13/2024)

‘Voters See American Dream Slipping Out Of Reach’

“The American dream—the proposition that anyone who works hard can get ahead, regardless of their background—has slipped out of reach in the minds of many Americans. Only 36% of voters in a new Wall Street Journal/NORC survey said the American dream still holds true, substantially fewer than the 53% who said so in 2012 and 48% in 2016 in similar surveys of adults by another pollster. When a Wall Street Journal poll last year asked whether people who work hard were likely to get ahead in this country, some 68% said yes—nearly twice the share as in the new poll.” (“Voters See American Dream Slipping Out of Reach, WSJ/NORC Poll Shows,” The Wall Street Journal, 11/28/2023)

Economists And Analysts Have Repeatedly Explained That President Biden’s Economic Policies Made Inflation WORSE

“Economists largely agree that the pandemic stimulus and other spending bills Mr. Biden signed over the past two years have added to inflation …” (“An Inflation-Driven Midterm Will Not Change Biden’s Economic Focus,” The New York Times, 11/10/2022)

“Many economists have suggested that President Joe Biden’s stimulus package in March 2021 intensified the inflation surge.” (The Associated Press, 7/12/2023)

STEVEN RATTNER, Former Obama Administration Counselor to the Treasury Secretary:The original sin was the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, passed in March [2021]. The bill — almost completely unfunded — sought to counter the effects of the Covid pandemic by focusing on demand-side stimulus rather than on investment. That has contributed materially to today’s inflation levels.” (Steven Rattner, Op-Ed, “I Warned the Democrats About Inflation,” The New York Times, 11/16/2021)

FORMER TREASURY SECRETARY LARRY SUMMERS: “I’m not sure that we would have the inflation if there had never been a pandemic and, even if there had been a pandemic, without the overwhelming stimulus that was applied well into recovery — during 2021.” (“Summers Says Pandemic Only Partly To Blame For Record Inflation,” The Harvard Gazette, 2/04/2022)

“‘The United States has had much more inflation than almost any other advanced economy in the world,’ said Jason Furman, an economist at Harvard University and former Obama administration economic adviser, who used comparable methodologies to look across areas and concluded that U.S. price increases have been consistently faster. The difference, he said, comes because ‘the United States’ stimulus is in a category of its own.’” (“Rapid Inflation Fuels Debate Over What’s to Blame: Pandemic or Policy,” The New York Times, 1/22/2022)

‘No One Seems To Like “Bidenomics”’ And Many Democrats Are Running Away From It

“No one seems to like ‘Bidenomics,’ the eponymous shorthand for Joe Biden’s economic policies — not voters, not Democratic officials, not even, at times, the president himself.” (“‘Jumbled Mess’: The Bidenomics Brand Leaves Nearly Everyone — Including Biden — Baffled,” NBC News, 11/05/2023)

NBC’s KIRSTEN WEKLER: “And I’m hearing, based on my conversations, a lot of Democrats are saying his messaging needs to shift away from Bidenomics to really understanding Americans who say, ‘We’re not feeling this yet.’”

THE WASHINGTON POST’S LEIGH ANN CALDWELL: “Yeah, Bidenomics has really been kind of a negative – become a negative word, especially among Democrats, cause it’s not working.” (NBC’s “Meet The Press,” 11/26/2023)

POLITICO’S JONATHAN MARTIN:Perhaps the most overwhelming economic messaging advice I picked up from Democrats was for him to heave ‘Bidenomics’ into the dumpster. Attempting to make voters believe something they don’t is folly. Attaching your name to that strategy borders on masochistic.” (Jonathan Martin, “Here’s How Biden Can Turn It Around,” Politico Magazine, 11/13/2023)

Even Democrats In Congress Are Too Embarrassed To Continue Citing A Term ‘Seen As Tone-Deaf To Voters Still Struggling Economically’

“House Democrats have rejected the White House's months-long campaign to sell the term ‘Bidenomics.’” (“House Democrats Ditch ‘Bidenomics’ Messaging,” Axios, 12/03/2023)

“The ‘Bidenomics’ catchphrase seemed to present a host of issues, according to Democratic sources.” (“House Democrats Ditch ‘Bidenomics’ Messaging,” Axios, 12/03/2023)

Americans Have A Response To Biden’s Economic Spin: ‘It’s A Huge Slap In The Face And I’m Surprised That Some People Are Saying Inflation’s Coming Down’

“‘It’s a huge slap in the face and I’m surprised that some people are saying inflation’s coming down,’ said Ryan Essenburg, 50, who lives in California’s Bay Area. ‘It’s hard. You go get your bill and it’s like, ‘What’s happening here?’” (“Just How Bad Is The US Cost-of-Living Squeeze? We Did the Math,” Bloomberg News, 11/27/2023)

President Biden Has Utterly Failed To Control The Unprecedented Crisis On America’s Southern Border

LEADER McCONNELL: “After three straight years of record-shattering overall border apprehensions, the alarming details of the national security crisis unfolding at the southern border on this Administration’s watch are coming into clearer focus. Last fiscal year didn’t just set a new all-time record for border apprehensions of individuals on the terror watch list. It saw arrivals from countries beyond Latin America triple. CBP personnel are now facing a human wave at the border that – according to Mexican officials – hails from 120 different countries and speaks 60 different languages. For three years – policy choice by policy choice – the Biden Administration has welcomed this historic flood of illegal immigration… And set the brave men and women of Customs and Border Protection up for failure.” (Sen. McConnell, Remarks, 11/07/2023)

THE NEW YORK TIMES: “[T]aken as a whole, the border crisis has grown worse during the Biden administration.” (“In Dual Border Visits, Biden and Trump Try to Score Points at a Political Hot Spot,” The New York Times, 2/29/2024)

On The Border Crisis, Americans Give Biden Even Worse Marks: ‘Immigration Is Biden’s Worst Issue Tested’

FOX NEWS POLL: “Immigration is Biden’s worst issue tested: 31% approve vs. 66% disapprove.” (Fox News, 3/03/2024)

AP/NORC POLL: “[P]eople are less satisfied by Biden’s handling of immigration (29%)…” (The Associated Press, 3/03/2024)

CBS NEWS POLL: 50% of registered voters believe President Biden’s policies would increase the number of migrant crossings. (CBS News, 3/03/2024)

  • “It's an issue that most continue to say is at least very serious, if not a crisis.” (CBS News, 3/03/2024)

GALLUP POLL: ‘Immigration Surges To Top of Most Important Problem List’ (Gallup, 2/27/2024)

MONMOUTH POLL: “Public concern about illegal immigration is higher during President Joe Biden’s term than it was under the prior two administrations, according to the latest national Monmouth University Poll…. More than 8 in 10 Americans see illegal immigration as either a very serious (61%) or somewhat serious (23%) problem.” (Monmouth Poll, 2/26/2024)

HARVARD/HARRIS POLL: Only 35% approve of Biden’s handling of immigration. (Harvard/Harris Poll, 2/22/2024)

QUINNIPIAC POLL: “Voters were asked about Biden's handling of... the situation at the Mexican border: 29 percent approve, while 63 percent disapprove.” (Quinnipiac Poll, 2/21/2024)

‘The Number Of People Taken Into Custody By The U.S. Border Patrol Has Reached The Highest Levels In The Agency’s 100-Year History Under Biden’

“The number of people taken into custody by the U.S. Border Patrol has reached the highest levels in the agency’s 100-year history under Biden, averaging 2 million per year.” (“Trump Vs. Biden On Immigration: 12 Charts Comparing U.S. Border Security,” The Washington Post, 2/12/2024)

“Nearly 7.3 million migrants have illegally crossed the southwest border under President Biden's watch, a number greater than the population of 36 individual states, a Fox News analysis finds.” (“7.2M Illegals Entered The US Under Biden Admin, An Amount Greater Than Population Of 36 States,” Fox News, 2/20/2024)

Taken together, nearly 10 million migrants have crossed into the U.S. illegally during the Biden administration, a record Biden's critics assert could only be achieved by intentionally refusing to enforce the law.” (“7.2M Illegals Entered The US Under Biden Admin, An Amount Greater Than Population Of 36 States,” Fox News, 2/20/2024)

“More than 8 million asylum seekers and other migrants will be living inside the U.S in legal limbo by the end of September — a roughly 167% increase in five years, according to internal government projections obtained by Axios.” (“Scoop: Migrant Backlog To Hit 8 Million Under Biden By October, Data Reveal,” Axios, 3/02/2024)

Border Encounters Went Up In February … ‘[T]he Increase In Illegal Entries From January Indicates That Migration Is Rebounding Heading Into The Spring’

“Border Patrol agents recorded approximately 140,000 migrant apprehensions between official ports of entry along the U.S.-Mexico border last month, up from 124,000 in January, when unlawful crossings plunged, the U.S. officials said, requesting anonymity to discuss internal and preliminary government data.” (“Migrant Crossings Along The Southern Border Increase As Officials Prepare For Larger Spike,” CBS News, 3/05/2024)

“[T]he increase in illegal entries from January indicates that migration is rebounding heading into the spring, when migrant arrivals have spiked in recent years.” (“Migrant Crossings Along The Southern Border Increase As Officials Prepare For Larger Spike,” CBS News, 3/05/2024)

‘The Number Of Migrant Crossings Has Increased Further In March, Preliminary Figures Show’

“In fact, the number of migrant crossings has increased further in March, preliminary figures show. On some days this past week, U.S. border officials processed more than 7,000 migrants in 24 hours.” (“Migrant Crossings Along The Southern Border Increase As Officials Prepare For Larger Spike,” CBS News, 3/05/2024)

“The increase in migrant arrivals could further complicate an already tenuous political and operational situation for President Biden…” (“Migrant Crossings Along The Southern Border Increase As Officials Prepare For Larger Spike,” CBS News, 3/05/2024)

In December, Migrant Encounters Along Southwest Border Hit ‘The Highest Monthly Total Ever Recorded’

“December broke records for migrant encounters at the southern border, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) confirmed on [January 26th], as it released numbers showing that there were a record 302,000 migrant encounters at the southern border. The Friday afternoon release, which showed 302,034 encounters in December, comes more than three weeks since Fox reported that there were over 302,000 encounters -- which breaks the monthly record set in September and is the first time the number has ever breached the 300,000 mark.” (“Migrant Crisis Broke New Record In December With 302k Encounters, Officials Confirm,” Fox News, 1/26/2024)

“Nearly 2.5 million people crossed the southern border in fiscal year 2023. In December, more than 10,000 migrants were intercepted at the southern border on some days, among the most ever.” (“Biden Faces Pressure On Immigration, And Not Just From Republicans,” The New York Times, 1/04/2024)

REMINDER: The Biden Administration Systematically Dismantled Border Control Policies ‘During The President’s First Days In Office’

“During the president’s first days in office, his administration announced it would not use the Title 42 policy to turn back unaccompanied minors who arrive without a parent or guardian. Their numbers began to shoot up almost immediately, and images of migrant children and teens packed shoulder-to-shoulder in detention facilities produced the administration’s first border emergency.” (“Trump Vs. Biden On Immigration: 12 Charts Comparing U.S. Border Security,” The Washington Post, 2/12/2024)

“The gap between the number of migrants taken into CBP custody versus the number of people who are sent back or deported has widened each of the last three years.” (“Trump Vs. Biden On Immigration: 12 Charts Comparing U.S. Border Security,” The Washington Post, 2/12/2024)

“On Biden’s first day in office his administration ordered a pause on most arrests and deportations from the interior of the United States by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).” (“Trump Vs. Biden On Immigration: 12 Charts Comparing U.S. Border Security,” The Washington Post, 2/12/2024)

“The Border Patrol has grown so overwhelmed that agents in several places are detaining migrants awaiting initial processing in makeshift holding areas outdoors for several days rather than holding them at Border patrol stations.” (The Wall Street Journal, 12/14/2023)

Biden’s Weakness And Hesitancy In The Face Of Global Threats Has Eroded American Deterrence And Credibility

LEADER McCONNELL:For three years, America’s adversaries have luxuriated in a world that no longer takes us at our word. Embarrassing retreat from Afghanistan. Fawning climate diplomacy with our top strategic competitor.  Failure to take Putin seriously until it was too late. And fears of escalation that delayed lethal aid to Ukraine at every turn. For three years, America’s foreign policy has been defined by hesitation, half-measures, and self-deterrence. President Biden has dug our credibility – the value of America’s word – into a hole. Meanwhile, our adversaries are aligning and coordinating to an unprecedented degree. As America gives our allies and partners reasons to doubt our resolve, Russia and China are engaged in a ‘friendship without limits’. … It is in America’s direct interest to take growing threats seriously, to invest even more urgently in our capabilities to meet them, and to support our allies and partners on the front lines. The reality of hard power competition simply does not wait for the President or Congress to take it seriously. Either we confront challenges with clear strategy and firm resolve, or we lose. Around the world, 21st century autocrats and medieval theocrats will continue to challenge the US-led order that has underpinned global peace and prosperity for generations. And their proxies will continue to target American personnel and American interests with lethal force.” (Sen. McConnell, Remarks, 2/06/2024)

Americans Disapprove Of Biden’s Foreign Policy, With A Majority Deriding His Response To Attacks On U.S. Forces As ‘Too Weak’

FOX NEWS POLL: Asked if they think “the Biden administration has made America stronger or made America weaker,” 58% of respondents said it has made America weaker. (Fox News Poll, 3/03/2024)

  • 61% say the Biden administration has mostly failed at improving America’s image around the world and 63% say it has mostly failed at making the country safer. (Fox News Poll, 3/03/2024)

GALLUP POLL: Only 33% approve of Biden’s handling of foreign affairs. (“Biden's Job Approval Edges Down to 38%,” Gallup, 2/23/2024)

QUINNIPIAC POLL: “Voters were asked about Biden's handling of... foreign policy: 36 percent approve, while 60 percent disapprove …” (Quinnipiac Poll, 2/21/2024)

HARVARD/HARRIS POLL: 54% say President Biden’s response to ongoing attacks on U.S. forces in the Middle East has been “too weak.” (Harvard/Harris Poll, 2/22/2024)

Biden’s Disastrous Determination To Abandon Afghanistan To The Taliban Severely Undermined American Credibility And Allowed Putin To Think He Could Assault Ukraine With Impunity

WASHINGTON POST COLUMNIST MARC THIESSEN: “It seems to me like Ukraine’s troubles have related in part from American weakness in other parts of the world. Is that a fair assessment?”
WALL STREET JOURNAL REPORTER YAROSLAV TROFIMOV:I think it’s clear that all these crises are interconnected, and people in Moscow and Beijing are looking at the US posture around the world and draw the conclusions. So what happened in 2014? Yes, there were the famous red lines that were ignored. And then when Russia invaded for the first time in Donbas... Sparking a war there, by the way, killed 14,000 people in a few months. It kind of went unnoticed … and President Obama said in his interview with the Atlantic that there is nothing the US can do ever to prevent a Russian invasion of Ukraine. I’m paraphrasing here, but that was the gist…. The main priority for Washington was the JCPOA with Iran, and Russia kind of emerged scot-free from that…. Now, fast-forward to Afghanistan. Everyone in Moscow watched—”

THIESSEN: “For our listeners’ benefit. This is not like you’re an armchair analyst. You were on the ground in Afghanistan covering it.”
TROFIMOV: “I was very much on the ground in Afghanistan, and I was in Kabul on August 15th, 2021…. And by the end of the month, the American military had left Afghanistan and the Taliban were flying Black Hawks and driving Humvees and MRAPs and had this treasure trove of American weapons left to them. And I think those images, on one hand, inspired Russia. America is so weak, it’s like, they’re [not] going to do anything to us. And on the other hand, they also tampered any support for Ukraine, because the thinking was, ‘Well, Ukraine is weak, Ukraine is going to collapse just like Afghanistan. Anything we give them will just end up the Russian hands. So why bother?’” (AEI’s “What the Hell Is Going On?” Podcast, Episode 242, 2/23/2024)

Top U.S. Commanders Have Also Pointed To President Biden’s Debacle In Afghanistan As One Reason Putin May Have Thought He’d Have A Free Hand To Launch His Brutal Invasion Of Ukraine

SEN. MARSHA BLACKBURN (R-TN): “Okay. We've talked a good bit about Afghanistan today. So did Biden's precipitous withdrawal from Afghanistan which really fed perceptions of America in retreat, did that play a role in shaping Putin's decision to invade Ukraine?”
GEN. MARK MILLEY, Then-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: “From the intelligence I've read, it's not clear. I think it certainly is possible, but I also know that Putin had aims on Ukraine long before the end of the war in Afghanistan.” (U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee Hearing, 4/07/2022)

REP. JIM BANKS (R-IN): “General, why did Putin decide to invade Ukraine right now? … Why not anytime between 2014 and 2022? Why didn't he invade, but why did he invade now?”
GEN. TOD WOLTERS, Then-Commander, U.S. European Command: “I think he felt like he had popular support of the citizens of Russia. I also felt like he was attempting to take advantage of fissures that could have appeared in NATO as a result of the post-Afghanistan environment. And I also think it has to do with his age and his efficacy and all of those combined together put him in a position to where he elected to go at this time.” (U.S. House Armed Services Committee Hearing, 3/30/2022)

‘The Biden Administration Has Repeatedly Dragged Its Feet’ On Supplying Ukraine With The Weapons Kyiv Needs To Win, Managing To Deter Only Itself

THE WASHINGTON POST EDITORIAL BOARD: “It is impossible to say whether Ukrainian forces would have been more successful had they received all the weapons Mr. Zelensky and his top generals have pleaded for — or had gotten them earlier. There is no denying that U.S. arms shipments to Ukraine have been substantial. It is equally true that the Biden administration has repeatedly dragged its feet.” (Editorial, “Biden Has Done A Lot For Ukraine. But Not Enough.” The Washington Post, 9/20/2023)

  • “It is by now a well-established pattern that the White House has balked at Ukrainian requests for advanced weapons, only to grant them months later. It has done so with M1 Abrams battle tanks, F-16 fighter jets, HIMARS rocket launchers, air defense missiles and other arms. Even now, months after Mr. Biden approved F-16 training for Ukrainian pilots, it will be months before those aircraft are deployed to support Kyiv’s forces.” (Editorial, “Biden Has Done A Lot For Ukraine. But Not Enough.” The Washington Post, 9/20/2023)

“In those critical early months, when the Russian military was off balance, the Biden Administration claimed to be concerned that if Putin saw the wrong type of tank, missile, or jet in Ukraine, he might respond with a nuclear weapon. These fears caused the Biden Administration and European allies to squander precious time, and that time allowed Russia to regroup.” (“The Biden Administration’s Slow Yes Has Doomed Ukraine,” Time, 12/18/2023)

  • “When it comes to military aid, Putin has used his nuclear deterrence to regulate the flow of conventional arms to Ukraine. And that has given him a key advantage to set the pace for parts of the war. He chose when to ratchet up or down his threats and the U.S. responded by ratcheting up or down supplies. This has led to a kind of phony war, in which the U.S. and NATO cheer Ukraine’s victories and gradually provide Ukraine with high-end weapons, but dole them out slowly and in numbers small enough to allow Ukraine to fight but not to win.” (“The Biden Administration’s Slow Yes Has Doomed Ukraine,” Time, 12/18/2023)

In The Leadup To Russia’s Invasion, The Biden Administration Withheld Aid To Ukraine, Thinking It Would Dissuade Russia From Invading

POLITICO, June 2021: ‘White House freezes Ukraine military package that includes lethal weapons’ (Politico, 6/18/2021)

  • The Biden White House has temporarily halted a military aid package to Ukraine that would include lethal weapons, a plan originally made in response to aggressive Russian troop movements along Ukraine’s border this spring. The aid package would be worth up to $100 million, according to four people familiar with internal deliberations. … But officials on the National Security Council ended up putting the proposal on hold after Russia announced it would draw down troops stationed near Ukraine and in the lead-up to President Joe Biden’s high-stakes summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.(“White House Freezes Ukraine Military Package That Includes Lethal Weapons,” Politico, 6/18/2021)

NBC NEWS, December 2021: ‘Despite Appeals From Ukraine, Biden Admin Holds Back Additional Military Aid To Kyiv Amid Diplomatic Push’ (NBC News, 12/10/2021)

  • After having submitted their urgent request for military assistance a month ago and received a positive response, the Ukrainian government was puzzled as to why the aid package had not gone ahead as expected. ‘There is slight frustration over this,’ said a person familiar with the Kyiv government’s view. The White House did not respond to a request for comment. A spokesperson for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy declined to comment. A bipartisan group of 22 House lawmakers wrote a letter to Biden on Wednesday urging the administration to speed up military help to Ukraine.(“Despite Appeals From Ukraine, Biden Admin Holds Back Additional Military Aid To Kyiv Amid Diplomatic Push,” NBC News, 12/10/2021)

The Biden Administration’s Overcautious Approach Has Utterly Failed To Deter Months Of Houthi Attacks In The Middle East

Houthi Terror Attacks Keep Escalating

“The Houthis have been targeting ships in the Red Sea and surrounding waters since November…. Despite more than a month and a half of U.S.-led airstrikes, Houthi attacks have been unrelenting. They include the attack last month on a cargo ship carrying fertilizer, the Rubymar, which sank on [March 2nd] after drifting for several days, and the downing of an American drone worth tens of millions of dollars.” (“Houthi Missile Attack Sets Ship Ablaze In Gulf Of Aden As Assaults Escalate,” Fox News, 3/04/2024)

“A Houthi ballistic missile attack on a commercial ship in the Gulf of Aden resulted in at least two fatalities among the crew members, two US officials told CNN, marking the first time that the Iran-backed militant group has killed anyone as part of their ongoing attacks on ships transiting the Red Sea.” (“Crew Members Killed For First Time In Houthi Attack On Commercial Ship In Red Sea, US Officials Say,” CNN, 3/06/2024)

“A ship attacked by Yemen’s Houthi rebels has sunk in the Red Sea after days of taking on water, officials said [March 2nd], the first vessel to be fully destroyed as part of their campaign … The Belize-flagged Rubymar had been drifting northward after being struck by a Houthi anti-ship ballistic missile on Feb. 18 in the Bab el-Mandeb Strait, a crucial waterway linking the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.” (“A Ship Earlier Hit By Yemen’s Houthi Rebels Sinks In The Red Sea, The First Vessel Lost In Conflict,” The Associated Press, 3/02/2024)

“Three cables under the Red Sea that provide global internet and telecommunications have been cut as the waterway remains a target of Yemen’s Houthi rebels, officials said Monday…. What cut the lines remains unclear. There has been concern about the cables being targeted in the Houthi campaign … While global shipping has already been disrupted through the Red Sea, a crucial route for cargo and energy shipments from Asia and the Middle East to Europe, the sabotage of telecommunication lines could further escalate the monthslong crisis.” (“3 Red Sea Data Cables Cut As Houthis Launch More Attacks In The Vital Waterway,” The Associated Press, 3/05/2024)

‘The US Campaign Against The Houthis Appears To Bear The Hallmarks Of Many Of These Highly Circumscribed, Scrubbed Campaigns Of The Past Where We Seek To Avoid Causing Them Actual Pain’

“Yemen’s Houthi rebels remain undeterred from attacking international commercial shipping more than a month into a US-led campaign of strikes aimed at knocking out their capabilities, the top US Navy officer overseeing the effort told Al-Monitor. ‘The Houthis right now are continuing their terrorist activities despite our actions,’ Vice Adm. George Wikoff said during his first press interview since taking the helm of the US Navy’s 5th Fleet based in Bahrain earlier this month.” (“Yemen’s Houthis Undeterred By Strikes, Senior US Navy Commander Says,” Al-Monitor, 2/26/2024)

The Biden administration is struggling to stop the ongoing attacks by the Iran-backed Houthis against ships in the Red Sea and the group is continuing to fortify its weapons stockpile inside Yemen, even though the US has carried out significant strikes on the group in recent weeks, US officials told CNN.” (“Concern Grows Within Biden Administration As Houthis Continue Attacks Despite US Strikes,” CNN, 2/23/2024)

“Outside the administration, some former officials argue the administration has taken too conservative of an approach altogether and needs to focus on targeting Houthi leaders rather than their weapon stocks….  For some former US officials who spoke to CNN on the condition of anonymity, the fact that the US has not yet hit Houthi leadership and has instead focused on destroying weapons and equipment is a large part of why the US has failed to meaningfully deter the group. ‘The US campaign against the Houthis appears to bear the hallmarks of many of these highly circumscribed, scrubbed campaigns of the past where we seek to avoid causing them actual pain,’ said one former US military official.” (“Concern Grows Within Biden Administration As Houthis Continue Attacks Despite US Strikes,” CNN, 2/23/2024)

Everyone In The U.S. Military And In The Middle East Knows Iran Is Facilitating The Houthi Terror Campaign, Yet The Biden Administration Has Done Nothing To Deter The Regime In Tehran

CBS NEWS’ NORAH O'DONNELL: “Could the Houthis do this without Iranian support?”
VICE ADMIRAL BRAD COOPER: “No. For a decade, the Iranians have been supplying the Houthis. They've been resupplying them. They're resupplying them as we sit here right now, at sea. We know this is happening. They're advising them, and they're providing targeting information. This is crystal clear.”
O'DONNELL: “Are there members of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard Corps that are actually on the ground in Yemen providing intelligence and targeting?”
VICE ADMIRAL COOPER: “The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps is inside Yemen, and they are serving side by side-- with the Houthis, advising them and providing targeting information.”
O'DONNELL: “And so what have we done to degrade that capability?”
VICE ADMIRAL COOPER: “Yeah, that's-- that will obviously end up being a policy decision. Our role at this point is to simply be ready and continue to be aggressive in exercising our right to self-defense.” (“Navy Counters Houthi Red Sea Attacks In Its First Major Battle At Sea Of The 21st Century,” CBS News, 2/18/2024)

“Iran’s paramilitary forces are providing real-time intelligence and weaponry, including drones and missiles, to Yemen’s Houthis that the rebels are using to target ships passing through the Red Sea, Western and regional security officials said.” (“Iranian Spy Ship Helps Houthis Direct Attacks on Red Sea Vessels,” The Wall Street Journal, 12/22/2023)

Despite Presenting Himself As A Unifier, Recent Actions Illustrate How President Biden Has Spent Three Years Bending To The Radical Policy Demands Of Far-Left Activists

“After Biden navigated a crowded Democratic primary in 2020 and defeated more liberal candidates, he and his aides contacted and sought the support of his progressive primary opponents, along with liberal lawmakers and groups. Biden, a longtime centrist, adopted aspects of [Sen. Bernie] Sanders’s policy proposals and formed task forces with experts representing both moderate and progressive wings of the Democratic Party.” (“Biden’s Support From Progressives At Risk Over Border Bill And Israel,” The Wall Street Journal, 2/6/2024)

Under Pressure From The Far Left, Biden Announced A Lawless Student Debt Forgiveness Program After Intense Lobbying From Left-Wing Democrat Senators

“Sitting alone with the president in his private cabin, the Senate’s top Democrat [Sen. Chuck Schumer] spent much of the 58-minute flight back to Washington urging Mr. Biden to wipe away hundreds of billions of dollars in student debt owed to the federal government.” (“Biden Gave In to Pressure on Student Debt Relief After Months of Doubt,” The New York Times, 8/26/2022)

  • “At the White House in May [2022], Mr. Schumer and Senators Elizabeth Warren, Democrat of Massachusetts, and Raphael Warnock, Democrat of Georgia, presented data to Mr. Biden showing that debt cancellation would benefit borrowers who failed to obtain a degree, according to a person familiar with the meeting. The three senators had been among the most enthusiastic backers of student debt cancellation. Ms. Warren had made it a central plank in her presidential bid. Mr. Warnock and Mr. Schumer both favored going bigger than the $10,000 in relief Mr. Biden promised during the campaign.” (“Biden Gave In to Pressure on Student Debt Relief After Months of Doubt,” The New York Times, 8/26/2022)

“[In August 2022], Mr. Biden agreed, announcing that he would wipe out significant amounts of student debt for tens of millions of Americans. With less than three months until midterm elections that will determine who controls Congress, Mr. Biden bowed to months of lobbying …” (“Biden Gave In to Pressure on Student Debt Relief After Months of Doubt,” The New York Times, 8/26/2022)

The Supreme Court Struck Down The Administration’s Attempt, Ruling That Such A Move Was ‘The Executive Seizing The Power Of The Legislature,’ In An Attempt To Create A Program ‘That Congress Has Chosen Not To Enact Itself’

CHIEF JUSTICE JOHN ROBERTS: “The Secretary [of Education] asserts that the HEROES Act grants him the authority to cancel $430 billion of student loan principal. It does not. We hold today that the Act allows the Secretary to ‘waive or modify’ existing statutory or regulatory provisions applicable to financial assistance programs under the Education Act, not to rewrite that statute from the ground up.” (Biden v. Nebraska, 600 U.S. ----, 143 S. Ct. 2355, 2366 (2023))

  • “Congress opted to make debt forgiveness available only in a few particular exigent circumstances; the power to modify does not permit the Secretary to ‘convert that approach into its opposite’ by creating a new program affecting 43 million Americans and $430 billion in federal debt.” (Biden v. Nebraska, 600 U.S. ----, 143 S. Ct. 2355, 2369 (2023))
  • “[T]his is a case about one branch of government arrogating to itself power belonging to another…. [I]t is the Executive seizing the power of the Legislature. The Secretary’s assertion of administrative authority has ‘conveniently enabled [him] to enact a program’ that Congress has chosen not to enact itself…. ‘A decision of such magnitude and consequence’ on a matter of ‘earnest and profound debate across the country’ must ‘res[t] with Congress itself, or an agency acting pursuant to a clear delegation from that representative body.’” (Biden v. Nebraska, 600 U.S. ----, 143 S. Ct. 2355, 2373 (2023))

In Defiance Of The Supreme Court’s Rebuke, Biden Has Continued To Pursue Massive Student Debt Transfers In A Blatant ‘Vote-Buying Ploy’

Biden Vowed To Continue Trying To Curry Favor With Left-Wing Activists By Paying Off Their Student Debts With Taxpayer Money

“Biden, in his first reaction to the ruling, said ‘the fight is not over.’” (“Supreme Court Strikes Down Biden Student Loan Forgiveness Program,” ABC News, 6/30/2023)

“The Biden administration has canceled another $1.2 billion in student debt for more than 150,000 borrowers…. ‘If you qualify, you’ll be hearing from me shortly,’ President Joe Biden said Wednesday, speaking at a public library in Culver City, California, where he stopped during a three-day campaign fundraising swing on the West Coast.” (“Biden Cancels $1.2B In Student Loan Debt For Borrowers On Income-Driven Repayment Plan,” USA Today, 2/21/2024)

Biden Really Wants People To Know He’s The One Handing Out The Cash: ‘He’s Sending Emails To Make Sure They Know Whom To Thank For It’

“President Biden on Wednesday began emailing more than 150,000 student loan borrowers enrolled in his signature repayment plan that their debts — $1.2 billion in total — have been canceled, the latest effort by the administration to tout its success in providing debt relief as the campaign season heats up.” (“Biden Administration Cancels $1.2B In Student Loans With New Repayment Plan,” The Washington Post, 2/21/2024)

  • “The email is expected to include a congratulatory message from President Joe Biden, whose administration is eager to remind voters what it has done to address student loan debt as the presidential election ramps up.” (CNN, 2/21/2024)

“President Joe Biden on Wednesday will announce $1.2 billion of student debt relief for nearly 153,000 borrowers — and he’s sending emails to make sure they know whom to thank for it.” (“Biden Will Email 153,000 Student Loan Borrowers: I’m Canceling Your Debt,” Politico, 2/21/2024)

‘A Significant Expansion Of [The White House’s] Plans To Cancel Student Debt As President Joe Biden Looks To Run On The Issue’

“The White House on Thursday unveiled a significant expansion of its plans to cancel student debt as President Joe Biden looks to run on the issue during this year’s election.” (“White House Expands Plans To Cancel Student Debt,” Politico, 2/15/2024)

The Biden Administration Is Crowing That It Has Now Transferred $138 Billion In Taxpayer Money To People Who Owed Student Loans

“The administration says that it has now approved loan discharges totaling nearly $138 billion for nearly 3.9 million borrowers through dozens of administrative actions since coming into office.” (“Biden Will Email 153,000 Student Loan Borrowers: I’m Canceling Your Debt,” Politico, 2/21/2024)

“The latest draft comes after the Biden administration faced months of pressure from Congressional Democrats and student debt activists who were disappointed that a previous round of public hearings did not include a broad category for borrowers experiencing hardship.” (“White House Expands Plans To Cancel Student Debt,” Politico, 2/15/2024)

‘His Debt Forgiveness Scheme Is As Flagrant A Vote-Buying Ploy As We Can Remember’

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL EDITORIAL BOARD: “Mr. Biden is boasting about his debt forgiveness because he is desperate to get young voters to support him again in November. His 2020 coalition is splintering, and younger voters aren’t thrilled with his leadership or the results of his economic policies. His debt forgiveness scheme is as flagrant a vote-buying ploy as we can remember.” (Editorial, “Biden’s Student Loan Boast: The Supreme Court ‘Didn’t Stop Me,’” The Wall Street Journal, 2/23/2024)

NATIONAL REVIEW EDITORS: “Never, in the history of buying votes, have so many been so fleeced for so few.” (Editorial, “Biden’s Desperate Student-Loan-Relief Giveaway,” National Review, 2/22/2024)

Caving To The Demands Of Extreme Climate Lobbyists, The Biden Administration Announced It Will Stall Permits For Liquified Natural Gas Export Facilities

“White House officials have instructed the Energy Department to study the climate change impact of liquefied natural gas export terminals before approving the fossil fuel facilities, the Biden administration announced Friday…. The climate review could delay the approval of nearly a dozen proposed gas export projects past the November election. That could help Biden court young voters who consider such projects to be a ‘climate bomb,’ but at the risk of antagonizing other interests, including allies in Europe and fossil fuel companies.” (“U.S. Stalls Gas Export Projects That Activists Say Are ‘Climate Bombs,’” The Washington Post, 1/26/2024)

“Two federal agencies are responsible for approving permits for LNG projects. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission must decide whether to authorize the siting and construction of projects, and the Energy Department must determine whether it’s in the ‘public interest’ to export gas to countries with which the United States lacks a free-trade agreement.” (“U.S. Stalls Gas Export Projects That Activists Say Are ‘Climate Bombs,’” The Washington Post, 1/26/2024)

“In a joint announcement Friday morning, the White House and Department of Energy (DOE) said the pause would occur while federal officials conduct a rigorous environmental review assessing the projects' carbon emissions, which could take more than a year to complete. Climate activists have loudly taken aim at LNG export projects in recent weeks …” (“White House Halts Enormous Natural Gas Projects In Victory For Environmentalists,” Fox News, 1/26/2024)

The Biden Administration’s Decision Came After Intense Lobbying By Climate Zealots: ‘This Is Just What The Climate Activists Wanted’

‘Halting The Expansion Of LNG Exports Has Become A Top Priority Of Environmentalists In Recent Months’

Halting the expansion of LNG exports has become a top priority of environmentalists in recent months. Before news of the administration’s decision broke, the author and climate activist Bill McKibben had been planning a ‘Stop LNG’ sit-in outside the Energy Department in early February. McKibben this week declared victory. ‘It’s pretty clearly the win,’ he wrote in a text message to The Washington Post.” (“U.S. Stalls Gas Export Projects That Activists Say Are ‘Climate Bombs,’” The Washington Post, 1/26/2024)

“Biden’s top climate aides, including White House National Climate Adviser Ali Zaidi and clean energy senior adviser John Podesta, advocated for considering the climate consequences of gas exports …” (“U.S. Stalls Gas Export Projects That Activists Say Are ‘Climate Bombs,’” The Washington Post, 1/26/2024)

‘The Biden Administration Is Looking To Appease Progressives,’ ‘They Are Angry… They Are Not Going To Support This President Unless He Makes A Bold Move’

“The Biden administration is looking to appease progressives who want it to block proposed expansions of the nation’s natural gas exports.” (“Biden Seeks To Appease Progressives With Climate Moves,” The Hill, 1/25/2024)

‘The Politics Of Climate Change Are A Big Factor In The White House Making This Move’

THE NEW YORK TIMES: “This is just what the climate activists wanted.” (“A Huge Win For Activists Puts Climate On The 2024 Agenda,” The New York Times, 1/25/2024)

The Biden Administration Courted Far-Left Activists And Influencers As It Made Its LNG Decision

“Reports that Biden would seek to delay the CP2 project and require it to undergo a climate review drew praise from progressives and environmental organizations.” (“Biden Seeks To Appease Progressives With Climate Moves,” The Hill, 1/25/2024)

Slow walking the approval process of CP2 is just what activists like Ozane were looking for. Ahead of the decision, White House climate advisers met with activists like Alex Haraus, a 25-year-old Colorado social media influencer who has led a TikTok and Instagram campaign aimed at urging young voters to demand that Mr. Biden reject the project.” (“A Huge Win For Activists Puts Climate On The 2024 Agenda,” The New York Times, 1/25/2024)

‘A Sop To The Climate Lobby’ That Will Be ‘An Election-Year Gift To Russia And Iran’

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL EDITORIAL BOARD: “[I]t’s hard to believe the Biden Administration is considering an election-year gift to Russia and Iran: An embargo on permitting new liquefied natural gas (LNG) export projects. Our sources say Biden adviser John Podesta is pushing the idea in the White House as a sop to the climate lobby …” (Editorial, “Biden Toys With an LNG Export Permitting Ban,” The Wall Street Journal, 1/22/2024)


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