The New Senate: An Era Of Achievement

Senior Senate Dems Weigh In: ‘I Am Proud Of The Senate,’ ‘I Am Very Proud Of The Bipartisan Work We Have Done’


The Republican Senate: A Record Of Accomplishment

“The new Republican-controlled Congress has accomplished much in its first six months.” (National Journal, 7/6/15)

“…Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s Senate is on a roll — and he wants to make sure it stays that way.” (“After Trade Triumph, Senate Republicans Look To Rack Up More Wins,” Roll Call, 7/7/15)

  • 29       bills signed into law
  • 65+     bills passed the Senate
  • 160+   bills reported from Senate committees


DRIVE Act (Highway Re-Authorization)

SEN. BARBARA BOXER (D-CA): “In closing, I wish to thank Senators on both sides of the aisle, including the Presiding Officer because we did work together. We did a good job. It was hard to do. I know my friend had one provision she wanted. She had to scale it back. It is hard to do that. I had a program I wanted. It got scaled back. We all have to give and take, but that is what the people expect of us. Whether they are Democrats, Republicans, Independents, it does not matter--they want us to get something done. I am proud of the Senate.” (Sen. Boxer, Congressional Record, S.6051, 7/28/15)

  • BOXER: “And everyone knows—and Senator Inhofe and I kind of joke about it—we could not be different in terms of our ideology. We really could not. But on this one, on this piece, the need to have a strong infrastructure, we are as one, as progressives, as conservatives. Frankly, I think everyone in the Senate and in the House should come together around the principle that you cannot have a strong economy if you cannot move goods. That is why my friend Senator Inhofe put together a great new freight title in our bill this time, part of the formula. It is hugely important. If we cannot move goods, if we cannot move people, we are going to fall behind. (Sen. Boxer, Congressional Record, S.6050, 7/28/15)

26 Senate Democrats voted for on the DRIVE Act.


Trade Promotion Authority (TPA): 14 Democrats In Favor

SEN. RON WYDEN (D-OR): “Madam President, first, let me thank Chairman Hatch for our partnership over these many months, and let me be clear at the outset that I agree with much of what Chairman Hatch has said. What I would like to start with is what I think is the bedrock principle of this debate about trade and put it all straightforward and upfront; that is, this is about trade done right.” (Sen. Wyden, Congressional Record, S.2952, 5/18/15)

  • WYDEN: “First, under Chairman Hatch's leadership, both sides have been working together in good faith with respect to the amendments, and I think it would be fair to say the chairman and I are optimistic that we can have a good and fair list of amendments. That is No. 1. I wish to commend both the Democrats and the Republicans who were part of that amendment discussion.” (Sen. Wyden, Congressional Record, S.3258, 5/22/15)

14 Senate Democrats voted for Trade Promotion Authority. (H.R.1314, Roll Call Vote #193, Bill Passed 62-37: R 48-5; D 14-30; I 0-2, 5/22/15)


National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA): 21 Democrats In Favor

SEN. JACK REED (D-RI): “There are many needed reforms in the NDAA, and I applaud Chairman McCain for his leadership and fidelity to our men and women in uniform.  I know he wants a bill that is worthy of their sacrifice and commend his efforts to try and build consensus.” (Sen. Reed, Press Release, 6/18/15)

21 Senate Democrats voted for on the NDAA. (H.R.1735, Roll Call Vote #215, Bill Passed 71-25: R 49-2; D 21– 23, I 1-1, 6/18/15)


Every Child Achieves Act: 40 Democrats In Favor

SEN. PATTY MURRAY (D-WA): “I have been very glad to work with Chairman Alexander on our bipartisan bill called the Every Child Achieves Act. Our bipartisan bill gives States more flexibility while also including Federal guardrails to make sure all students have access to a quality public education. I am very proud of the bipartisan work we have done on the Senate floor—debating amendments, taking votes, and making this good bill even better. It is not the bill I would have written on my own, and I am sure it is not the bill Chairman Alexander would have written on his own, but it is a good, strong step in the right direction. And it is not the last opportunity, of course, we will have to work on this bill before it is signed into law.” (Sen. Murray, Congressional Record, S.5137-8, 7/16/15)

  • MURRAY: “So, again, I commend Senator Alexander for his strong work on this, for his willingness to work on a bipartisan basis and get us to where we are today, to be able to look very soon to passing the bill out of the Senate and continuing our work to fix this broken law.” (Sen. Murray, Congressional Record, S.5138, 7/16/15)

40 Senate Democrats voted for on the Every Child Achieves Act. (S.1177, Roll Call Vote #249, Bill Passed 81-17: R 39-14 ; D 40-3; I 2-0, 7/16/15)


Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act: 43 Democrats In Favor

SEN. BEN CARDIN (D-MD): “We have been able to reach a reasonable compromise that embraces Democratic and Republican viewpoints. Such bipartisanship has eluded the Senate of late, but I give great credit to Chairman Corker who kept us focused on the ultimate goal. This legislation makes no judgment on the substance of an agreement with Iran but gives Congress a chance to review any accord that would suspend Congressional sanctions. The stakes are too high to allow partisan rancor to overtake national consensus that endorses Congressional review of any final deal.” (Sen. Cardin, Press Release, 5/7/15)

43 Senate Democrats voted for the Iran Nuclear Review Act. (H.R.1191, Roll Call Vote #174, Bill Passed 98-1: R53-1; D 43-0; I 2-0, 5/7/15)

Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act: Every Democrat In Favor

SEN. PAT LEAHY (D-VT): “Mr. President, I appreciate what the Senator from Texas has said. We have worked together. I hope we continue to do this” (Sen. Leahy, Congressional Record, S2316)

Every Senate Democrat voted for on the Justice For Victims Of Trafficking Act. (S.178, Roll Call Vote #163, Bill Passed 99-0: R 53-0; D 44-0; I 2-0, 4/22/15)



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