A ‘Win for the American People’

VICE PRESIDENT PENCE: The budget deal “will avert a government shutdown but more important than that there's going to be a significant increase in military spending. Our armed forces have been hollowed out in recent years by budget cuts. 21 billion dollars in defense spending in this bill. There's also a down payment on border security. I think the American people are encouraged to hear that since our inauguration, illegal border crossings are down 60 plus percent in this country. And in this bill there's a down payment on additional border security. I'm also pleased to see as the President was insistent on that we're providing support for health benefits for coal miners and here in the District of Columbia we're continuing an educational choice program for disadvantaged children that began back in the days when I was in the Congress. So this is a budget deal that's a bipartisan win for the American people and the President signed off on the parameters early yesterday.” (CBS’ “This Morning,” 5/1/2017)

1)       WISE STEWARDSHIP OF YOUR TAX DOLLARS: Abides by the spending caps set in the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015: $551 billion cap on defense spending and $518.5 billion cap on non-defense spending.

2)       REBUILDING AMERICA’S MILITARY: Includes $21 billion for the President’s defense spending priorities, including the largest troop pay raise in 6 years.

3)       RAMPING UP BORDER SECURITY: $1.522 billion additional dollars to use on projects like wall maintenance, infrastructure, roads, bridges, gates, technology, and immigration enforcement.

4)       STREAMLINING THE FEDERAL BUREAUCRACY: Eliminates, rescinds funds for, or consolidates more than 150 government programs and initiatives.

5)       EMPOWERING SCHOOL CHOICE: Increases funding for charter schools by $9M, reauthorizes the D.C. school choice program for three-years.

6)       FIGHTING THE HEROIN & OPIOID EPIDEMIC: $1.1 billion for prevention, treatment, and enforcement programs to help communities across our country suffering from the heroin and opioid epidemic.

7)       ENSURING MINER HEALTH CARE BENEFITS: Permanently extends health care for thousands of retired coal miners.


9)       CUTTING EPA: Funding cut for the sixth time in seven years, to the lowest funding level since 2008.

10)   NO FUNDING FOR PRESIDENT OBAMA’S CLIMATE SLUSH FUND: Does NOT provide any funding for the Green Climate Fund, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or other Paris climate change institutions.


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