December 2022
Senator McConnell Marks One Year Since Devastating Tornado Outbreak in Kentucky
McConnell Honors Retiring Senator Rob Portman
Democrats Do Not Get Concessions in Exchange for Protecting America
McConnell Honors Retiring Senator Jim Inhofe
“Strong, Bipartisan NDAA” a Crucial Step for Defending America
McConnell Honors Retiring Senator Roy Blunt
McConnell to Democrats: Stop Delaying NDAA Over “Miscellaneous Pet Priorities”
Senate Unanimously Passes Congressman Barr’s CAROL Act
President Biden’s Border Policies: “A Choice Between Disaster and Catastrophe”
McConnell Honors Retiring Senator Pat Leahy
“Un-American” Attacks on Free Speech and the Rule of Law
November 2022
Democrats’ Response to Crime: Defund the Police
U.S. Must Invest in American Strength, Security, and Alliances
Runaway Inflation Hurting Working Families in Georgia and the U.S.
Democrats’ Inflation and Unfair Student Loan Socialism Hurts Georgians and All Americans
Republican House Majority Is “Great News for the Future of our Country”
McConnell Remarks on Reelection as Senate Republican Leader
McConnell Welcomes New Senators-Elect: “A High Bar”
A Divided America Agrees That Democrats’ Failures Are Hurting the Country
September 2022
McConnell on Ongoing Hurricane Ian
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