August 2020
McConnell: Democrats Aren’t Negotiating, They’re Throwing Spaghetti at the Wall to See What Sticks
McConnell Continues to Give Voice to Kentuckians Who Need More COVID-19 Relief
McConnell: Democrats Aren’t Playing “Hardball” Against Republicans, But Against Kids, Laid-Off Workers, and Science
McConnell Condemns Arrest of Jimmy Lai
“Democrats Said ‘Our Way or the Highway’”
“A Lot of Americans’ Hopes Are Riding on the Democrats’ Endless Talk. I Hope They Are Not Disappointed”
“While Americans are Struggling, the Democratic Leaders Have Barely Moved an Inch”
McConnell Extends Senate’s Condolences to the People of Lebanon
Democrats Won’t Budge From Far-Left Wish List to Get COVID-19 Relief to Americans
“It’s Time for the Democratic Leadership to Get Serious About Making Law for the American People”
McConnell Urges Seriousness and Unity on Election Security, Not Partisan Cherry-Picking
McConnell Addresses the Tragic Deaths of Nine American Servicemembers
July 2020
“We’ve Had Enough Empty Talk. It Is Time to Go on the Record”
With COVID-19 Assistance Set to Expire, Democrats Say ‘Let Them Eat SALT’
McConnell on the HEALS Act: “The Country Needs Action”
McConnell on the HEALS Act: “Republicans Are Ready to Govern”
McConnell Outlines Historic Relief Proposal for “An Important Crossroads in this Battle”
McConnell Delivers Rotunda Tribute to Congressman John Lewis
McConnell: CARES 2 is Tailored Precisely for this Phase of the Crisis
McConnell Defends Free Expression and Civil Discourse in America
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