June 2020
McConnell: “The Senate Is Present and Working”
Let’s Unite For Peace in Our Streets and in Our Communities
McConnell Stands With Hong Kong: The Chinese Communist Party Does Not Play By The Rules
“This Is An Hour of Great Pain and Unrest in Our Country”
May 2020
McConnell on Successful Slowing of COVID-19: The American People Have Won “An Important Battle”
McConnell: House Democrats Playing With “Perpetual Impeachment” While the Senate Fights the Pandemic
McConnell on Continued Action on Improper Investigations: The American People Deserve Answers and We Intend to Get Them
McConnell Speaks in Tribute to Mike DiSilvestro, Director of the Office of Senate Security
McConnell: Essential Workers Are Showing Up for Our Country And The Senate Is Showing Up for Them
McConnell on COVID-19 Response: “This Half of the Capitol is Doing Our Job”
McConnell: Our Enemies and Competitors Are Not Standing Down During this Pandemic
McConnell: Americans on the Front Lines Need Action
McConnell: The Senate Will Continue to Perform Our Own Essential Responsibilities
McConnell: This Pandemic Came From China and the Chinese Communist Party’s Tactics Have Made It Worse
McConnell: Global Threats We Faced Before COVID-19 Are Still With Us Today
McConnell on Judge Walker: A Generational Legal Mind
McConnell: “The Core Business of Our Nation Does Not Stop While We Fight the Coronavirus”
McConnell: “Let’s Continue to Stand Together for Our Country”
McConnell: “Our Bosses Are The American People and They Are Counting on Us to Keep Serving”
April 2020
McConnell Announces Agreement to Keep Supporting Workers, Small Businesses, and the Public Health
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