September 2022
Biden Administration Must Act Swiftly on Emergency Aid for Ukraine
Rising Crime, Record Homicides, and Open Borders
Democrats Blocking American Energy, Raising Prices, and Draining our Emergency Reserve
McConnell Remarks on Hurricane Ian
Democrats’ Total Control Has Produced Total Economic Disaster
Democrats Abandon Phony Fig Leaf “Permitting Reform”
McConnell Remarks at Rules Committee on “Common Sense” Electoral Count Act Updates
McConnell Announces Support for Bipartisan Update to Electoral Count Act
Democrats’ Phony Fig Leaf “Permitting Reform” Would Make Things Even Worse
USCP Officer William Thomas
Democrats Attack First Amendment Instead of Addressing Crises
Democrats’ Plan to Receive Less Criticism: Target the First Amendment
Senate Can Do Better Than “Permitting Reform” In Name Only
Runaway Inflation Hurting States Whose Democratic Senator Voted to Cause It
Inflation Is Hammering States Where Both Democratic Senators Brought It On
Liberal Jurisdictions Balk at Tiny Fraction of Border Crisis
President Biden: Be Grateful My Inflation Isn’t Even Worse
Democrats Ignoring Americans’ Top Concern
McConnell on Ukraine’s Progress and Needed Next Steps
Violent Crime Sweeps Kentucky and America on Democrats’ Watch
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