July 2020
McConnell Calls Out Democratic Attempt to Decimate Funding for the National Defense
Kids, Jobs, Healthcare: McConnell on Major Pillars for Next COVID-19 Proposal
McConnell Continues Tribute to Congressman John Lewis on the Senate Floor
McConnell: “I’ll Be Proud to Vote to Advance and Pass the NDAA”
McConnell on State of COVID-19 Crisis and Priorities for Further Legislation
McConnell Speaks in Tribute to Congressman John Lewis
McConnell Highlights NDAA Wins for Kentucky and All 50 States
McConnell Sounds Alarm on Democrats’ Threats to Governing Institutions
McConnell: House Democrats’ “Cousin of the Green New Deal” Is “Not Going Anywhere in the Senate”
NDAA Will Strengthen America in a Dangerous World
McConnell: “The Rule of Law Cannot Fade In and Out With the Fashions of the Radical Left”
June 2020
McConnell on NDAA: Our Men and Women in Uniform Deserve the Best
McConnell Contrasts House Democrats’ “Theater” with Senate’s Seriousness on COVID-19
McConnell Calls for Bipartisan Floor Process on NDAA
McConnell: Nation Must Work Together to “Stay on Offense Against the Virus”
McConnell Comments on Tyler Gerth
McConnell Urges Cooperation on National Defense Authorization Act
McConnell Responds to Democrats Blocking Police Reform
McConnell on Democrats’ Plan to Block Police Reform: “The American People Deserve an Outcome”
McConnell on Senate’s Historic Judicial Confirmations
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