September 2021
McConnell Honors Departing Senior Advisor Jane Lee
McConnell Thanks Departing Field Assistant Sue Tharp for 36 Years of Service
Senate Set to Prevent Shutdown by Following Republican Roadmap
Top Generals Contradict President Biden’s Claims on Afghanistan
A Tidal Wave of Tax Hikes and New IRS Snooping
Democrats Block McConnell Effort to Advance Debt Limit Solution
As World Braces for Energy Shortage, Democrats Want War on Affordable American Energy
Democrats Won’t Get Bipartisan Help Paving their Path toward Partisan Recklessness
Senate Democrats Block Vote On Clean Legislation To Keep Government Funded
Will Democrats Add Shutdown Drama to List of Unnecessary Self-Created Crises?
McConnell Receives COVID Booster Shot: 'I Followed the Advice of Experts and My Doctors'
'Global Wars Do Not Simply End Because a President’s Speechwriter Says So'
McConnell Outlines How the Unified Democratic Government Will Raise the Debt Limit
McConnell Welcomes Prime Ministers Johnson and Morrison to the Capitol
Shelby, McConnell Introduce Government Funding Bill that Can Pass the Senate
Inflation Already Hammering Families as Democrats Plot Yet Another Reckless Spending Spree
Border Emergency and Humanitarian Crisis Are Direct Results of Democrats’ Failed Policies
Efforts to Repackage Failed Election Takeover Bills Will Meet Same Fate
Democrats’ Historic Tax Hikes Would Hurt Families and Help China
Efforts to Repackage Failed Election Takeover Bills Will Meet Same Fate
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