May 2022
Protecting Supreme Court Safety and Independence Should Not be Controversial
McConnell: Senate Must Pass Urgent Funding Bill for Ukraine
Democrats Back Extreme Abortion Policies With Just 19% Public Support
Another Awful Inflation Report On Democrats’ Watch
Democrats Pushing Radical Partisans for Key Government Posts
Painful High Prices are Families’ New Normal
Washington Democrats’ Abortion Extremism Is Wildly Out of Step With the Country
McConnell: Senate Must Focus on Helping Ukraine Win
Democrats Want Working Families to Eat Elites’ Grad School Debt
Democrats Trying to Diminish Parents’ Roles and Parents’ Rights
Biden Nominees Play Into National War on Cops
Democrats’ Plan For American Energy: Even Less Available, Even More Expensive
McConnell: Supreme Court Should Tune Out Shameless Attacks and Follow the Rule of Law
“Pickleball Amenities,” Ski Slopes, and Critical Race Theory in Schools
April 2022
“A Total Abdication” on the Southern Border
Democrats Who Fueled Inflation Now Want Giant Tax Hikes
McConnell Honors Retiring Director of Congressional Accessibility Services
Surging Violent Crime Hurting Louisville and Cities Across America
McConnell on Sham Sentencing of Aung San Suu Kyi
Democrats’ Backwards Border Policies Are Failing America
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