June 2022
Biden Administration Ignoring Political Violence and Intimidation
Democrats’ Inflation Costing Families Hundreds of Dollars Per Month
Soft-on-Crime Prosecutors Are Creating More Victims
U.S. Must Learn From Ukraine Crisis and Invest in Real, Robust Defense Growth
Important Bipartisan Veterans’ Bill Deserves Bipartisan Process
Democrats’ Runaway Inflation Is Still Getting Worse
Botched Afghanistan Retreat Has Weakened Our Fight Against Terrorism
“A Disgraceful Dereliction of Duty”: Democrats Block Steps to Protect Justices
Inflation Hitting Americans from Farm to Table
McConnell: House Democrats Must Immediately Stop Blocking Supreme Court Security Bill
Aid For Ukraine is an Investment In U.S. National Security
Soaring Gas Prices, Runaway Energy Costs, and Dependence on China
Democrats’ Historic Inflation Is Failing Families
May 2022
McConnell Honors Departing Senior Advisor Jennifer Kuskowski
Democrats’ Economy: Harder to Fill the Tank, Harder to Get By
Democrats’ Radical Nominees Will Make Families’ Problems Worse
“Our Country Is Sickened and Outraged” by Uvalde Murders
Democrats’ Big Lie Runs Into Reality
“Biden Plan” Has Bought Americans Historic Hardships
Record High Gas Prices Reflect Democrats’ Misunderstanding
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