June 2019
Senate Moving Forward with Legislation to Address Crisis at Our Southern Border
McConnell: Kelly Knight Craft Has Won Respect at Home and Abroad
The National Defense Authorization Act Deserves Overwhelmingly Bipartisan Vote
McConnell Introduces U.N. Ambassador Nominee Kelly Knight Craft at Senate Hearing
McConnell on Border Crisis: Let’s Put Partisanship Aside and Advance This Targeted, Bipartisan Solution
McConnell Supports Rollback of Obama-Era Anti-Coal Regulation
National Defense Authorization Act Up Next In Senate
Leader McConnell Congratulates Senator Collins on 7,000 Senate Votes
Senate Passes Most Significant IRS Reforms in Twenty Years
The United States Needs to Remain Engaged, Prepared, and Powerful
A Strong But Peaceful Response from the People of Hong Kong
Senate to Consider Measures That Will Impact Our Presence and Influence in Iran
Urgent Need to Address Crisis at Our Southern Border
Modest Reform Helping Bipartisan Nominees Get Through Senate at an Efficient Pace
McConnell: Efforts to Block Arms Sales to Our Partners in Middle East are Misguided
The Border Crisis is Unacceptable and Unsustainable
Senate Confirming Uncontroversial Well-Qualified Nominees in Fraction of the Time
Congress Must Pass Bipartisan Supplemental Border Funding to Address Humanitarian Crisis at the Border
McConnell: Protesters in Hong Kong Should be Heard
Senate to Consider Six More Well-Qualified Judicial Nominees
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