July 2019
McConnell: House Should Pass Senate’s Strong Bipartisan Legislation to Stand Against Anti-Semitism
Important Tax Treaties Would Eliminate Unfair Competitive Disadvantage for American Businesses
Secretary of Defense Nominee Mark Esper: A Man of Honor and Integrity
McConnell on the Passing of Justice John Paul Stevens
Fairer Treatment for American Job Creators, More Enticement for Foreign Investors
A Pro-Worker, Pro-Family, Pro-Opportunity Economic Moment
Nominations, Ratification of Important Tax Treaties Up Next in Senate
More Well-Qualified Nominees Confirmed with Bipartisan Support in Senate
Important Work Continues to Keep Our Elections Secure
McConnell: Preserving and Protecting Our Elections is a Crucial Task
More Job Opportunities, Wage Growth, New Investment Thanks to Republican Policies
Senate Continues to Make Headway in the Personnel Business
Senate Will Continue to Confirm Highly-Qualified Nominees for Important Federal Offices
A Proud National Legacy of Liberty
June 2019
Senate to Pass Bipartisan National Defense Authorization Act
McConnell-Kaine Tobacco-Free Youth Act Advances to Senate Floor
House Should Pass Bipartisan Senate Humanitarian Funding Bill
National Defense Authorization Act Addresses Priorities at Home and Abroad
McConnell on Emergency Funding for Border Crisis: We Must Pass This Measure This Week
Non-Controversial Emergency Funding for Border Crisis Deserves Overwhelmingly Bipartisan Support
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