August 2022
Kentucky National Guard Doing Extraordinary Work to Help Flood Victims
Senate Republicans Target Biden Administration’s Red Tape Tangle
Democrats Ignore Inflation, Border, and Crime to Focus on Green New Deal Nonsense
Democrats: Tax Working Families’ Gas and Electricity to Subsidize Luxury Shopping for the Wealthy
Finland, Sweden NATO Accession Deserves Unanimous Bipartisan Support
McConnell Praises Kentucky Heroism Amid Flood Disaster
McConnell: Amid Tragic Flooding, Kentuckians Step Up to Help Victims
McConnell on Taiwan and Indo-Pacific Security Challenges
Democrats’ Inflation Bill Will Cut Jobs and Wages But Not Inflation
McConnell on Ongoing Kentucky Floods
Democrats Want Job-Killing Middle-Class Tax Hikes in a Recession
July 2022
Important Veterans’ Bill Deserves Commonsense Toomey Amendment and Prompt Passage
Democrats Who Created Inflation and Recession Want Giant Job-Killing Tax Hikes
Democrats’ Spin Isn’t Helping Americans’ Inflation Pain
Democrats Want to Follow Up Historic Inflation With Massive Tax Hikes
Senate Must Act Quickly on Sweden, Finland NATO Accession and Bipartisan NDAA
McConnell Condemns Burma Executions and Calls for Action
Democrats’ Prescription Drug Socialism Would Kill New Cures and Treatments
U.S. Economy Headed Towards Recession, But Democrats Claim Otherwise
Senate Must Act Swiftly to Support American Military Superiority, Deter Aggressors
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