June 2022
McConnell on the Passing of Senate Librarian Leona Faust
McConnell Honors Retiring Senate Journal Clerk Billy Walsh
Historic Border Crisis a “Clear and Direct Symptom of Failed Leadership”
House Must Pass Urgent Funding to Protect Supreme Court Justices and Staff
Senate Bill Makes Schools Safer While Protecting the Second Amendment
The Biden Administration Must Protect Americans and Defend the Rule of Law
Inflationary Gas Tax Gimmick Won’t Hide Democrats’ Policy Failures
Making Schools Safer and Protecting the Second Amendment
Huge Democrat Tax Hikes — In This Economy?
Biden Administration’s Anti-Energy Policies Are Fueling Inflation
Democrats May Have Inflated America Toward a Recession
Biden Administration Ignoring Political Violence and Intimidation
Democrats’ Inflation Costing Families Hundreds of Dollars Per Month
Soft-on-Crime Prosecutors Are Creating More Victims
U.S. Must Learn From Ukraine Crisis and Invest in Real, Robust Defense Growth
Important Bipartisan Veterans’ Bill Deserves Bipartisan Process
Democrats’ Runaway Inflation Is Still Getting Worse
Botched Afghanistan Retreat Has Weakened Our Fight Against Terrorism
“A Disgraceful Dereliction of Duty”: Democrats Block Steps to Protect Justices
Inflation Hitting Americans from Farm to Table
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