July 2022
Senate Must Act Quickly on Sweden, Finland NATO Accession and Bipartisan NDAA
McConnell Condemns Burma Executions and Calls for Action
Democrats’ Prescription Drug Socialism Would Kill New Cures and Treatments
U.S. Economy Headed Towards Recession, But Democrats Claim Otherwise
Senate Must Act Swiftly to Support American Military Superiority, Deter Aggressors
As Americans Struggle With Historic Inflation, Democrats Plan Tax Hikes
Democrats’ War on Domestic Energy Hurts American Producers and Families
McConnell: Senate Must Act Swiftly on Sweden, Finland NATO Accession
Democrats Threaten Americans’ Privacy and Political Speech
Kentuckians Cannot Afford Another Year of Biden’s “Temporary” Inflation
Democrats Attack American Medical Research
Democrats' Reckless Plan To Rob Americans A Second Time
Democrats’ Attacks on the Supreme Court Are Reckless and Dangerous
Democrats’ Failed Energy Policies are Hurting Americans and Helping China
Courts Slap Down Democrats’ Lawless Power Grabs
Democrats’ Runaway Inflation Hits Another 40-Year High
Landmark Wins for Religious Freedom at the Supreme Court
As Inflation Hammers Small Businesses, Democrats Float Huge Small Business Tax Hike
Democrats Want to Tax Working Americans into Recession
The Supreme Court Corrected an Egregious Moral and Legal Mistake
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