June 2016
McConnell Honors the Life of George Voinovich
McConnell on Orlando Attack: We Won’t Back Down in the Face of Terrorism
McConnell Encourages Senate to Pass Critical Measure to Support Troops and National Security
Passing NDAA Will Help Ensure Military Readiness and Keep Americans Safe
McConnell Welcomes Prime Minister of India to U.S. Capitol
NDAA Will Help Keep Americans Safe, Prepare Country for Challenges
Republican-Led Senate Passes Bipartisan Bill to Support Economic Opportunity
McConnell: ‘We Need to Ensure the American People Are Protected’
Senate Continues Work to Pass Critical Measure to Support Servicemembers and National Security
McConnell Honors The Greatest
May 2016
Under Republican Leadership, Senate Does It’s Job for the American People
Senate Democrats Need to Stop Blocking Defense Bill That Supports Veterans, Servicemembers, Families
More Unaffordable Premium Increases Thanks to Obamacare
McConnell to Senate Democrats: Stop Delaying Defense Bill
Obamacare: Bad News, Premiums Spike for Americans
McConnell Encourages Senate to Help Middle Class by Overturning Obama Regulatory Scheme
McConnell Praises Reauthorization of Adam Walsh Act
Republican-Led Senate Advances Important Bipartisan Measures; Zika Work Continues
Bipartisan Appropriations Process Continues in Republican-Led Senate
McConnell: Obamacare is No Laughing Matter for the Millions Who Suffer
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