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September 2021
Democrats’ Reckless Tax-And-Spending Spree Would Be ‘Cradle-To-Grave’ Socialism
Another Record Inflation Rise Exposes The Biden Administration’s Continued Delusion
Even Some Democrats Are Warning Against A New Backdoor Death Tax On Family Farms And Small Businesses
August 2021
Will Radical House Democrats Vote For A Budget With These Republican Amendments?
Who Lost Afghanistan? President Biden, Our Commander-In-Chief
McConnell Consistently Warned The Calamity Of A Precipitous Afghanistan Withdrawal ‘Was Not Only Foreseeable; It Was Foreseen’
Senate Republicans Notch Victory In Fight Against Radical Critical Race Theory
Republicans Win An Upset On Hyde Protections. Can Democrats Leave Hyde Where It Belongs?
Democrats Are Still The Party Of Defunding The Police
Senate Democrats All Vote For A Tax Cut For Millionaires And Billionaires
Democrats Vote To Shortchange Defense In Favor Of Their Massive Tax-And-Spending Spree
Overwhelming Bipartisan Senate Support For Cuban Freedom Fighters
Senate Democrats Vote To Keep Schools Closed
Democrats Vote To Make More Ordinary Americans Subject To Political IRS Witch Hunts
Dems Vote To Support Biden Energy Policies Making For ‘A Cruel Summer At The Gas Pump’
Regardless Of How They Vote, Dems Are Proposing To Hammer Family Farms And Small Businesses With A Double Death Tax
Democrats Admit ‘The Green New Deal Is In The DNA Of This’ Budget
Bowing To Pressure From The Far Left, Biden Issues New Moratorium He Admits Is Unlawful
What Does The Biden Administration Think Is Going Right?
July 2021
Democrats Pushing Partisan Amnesty As Border Surge Breaks Records
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