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December 2017
Tax Reform: ‘Good For The Middle Class’
‘Historic Tax Relief’
November 2017
100+ Economists Laud Pro-Growth Tax Reform
‘Reducing Taxes For The Middle Class’
‘Tax Reform Our Economy Desperately Needs’
An ‘Excellent Tax Bill For Small Business’
Another Extraordinary Circuit Court Judge
Economists Laud Pro-Growth Tax Reform
Targeting Inversions: ‘This Is A Really Big Deal’
Huge Steps Forward On Tax Reform
‘A Pro-Growth, Pro-Family Proposal That Will Reduce Taxes’
Job Creators: Senate Tax Plan Will ‘Energize Our Nation’s Economy’
‘A Bigger Tax Cut’
Dems’ Selective Outrage
‘Tax Relief To Enable Small Businesses To Grow’
Dem Demagoguery Debunked
‘A Tax Code That's Pro-Family’
Flashback: Sen. Wyden’s Plan To Tax The Poor
‘Middle Class Biggest Winners In Senate Tax Plan’
‘The Senate Tax Bill … Would Boost The Economy’
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