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January 2016
A Legacy of ‘Falling Behind’
A Legacy of Global Instability
Obamacare’s Legacy of Failure
Buyer’s Remorse
December 2015
‘Strengthening The First Amendment’
Restoring The Senate
‘Permanent Tax Relief For American Families And Small Businesses’
President Obama In Paris: American Jobs Sacrificed For ‘Paper Tiger’ Deal
‘Mounting Anxiety’
Education Reform: ‘A Rollback Of Federal Power’
The President’s Former Advisors Weigh In
‘Promise Kept’
Obamacare: ‘I Was Lied To’
Highway Bill: ‘A Major Victory’
American Families ‘Getting Blasted’ By Obamacare
Obamacare: ‘A Big Nightmare’ For Small Businesses
November 2015
Obamacare: This Deal's Getting Worse All The Time
Guantanamo North: ‘The Law Currently Does Not Allow For That’
Punishing The Poor
President Obama ‘Swore An Oath To Uphold The Laws’
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