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August 2019
Senate Accomplishments In The 116th Congress
July 2019
‘Kelly Craft Is Going To Be A Great Ambassador To The United Nations’
‘It’s The Right Thing To Do’
‘A Victory For Our National Security’
ICYMI: Highlights Of Administration-Pelosi Bipartisan Budget Deal
Our National Security Depends On Our Military Being Fully Funded
Green New Deal Backers Reveal What Their Sweeping Plan Is Really About
Mark Esper Is ‘A Soldier, A Scholar,’ And ‘An All-American Public Servant’
New Judges ‘Making An Important Difference For The Country’
June 2019
‘Arguably The Most Important Piece Of Legislation That Congress Considers Every Year’
A Tale Of Two Bills
The House Should Pass The Bipartisan Senate Border Funding Bill
Replacing The Obama EPA’s Job-Killing Coal Regulation
‘Kelly Craft Was An Integral Part Of The Negotiation Of The USMCA’
Ambassador Kelly Craft: ‘She Really Proved Herself’
More Support From Health Care Professionals For Tobacco-Free Youth Act
Border Crisis: ‘We Are Running Out Of Money’
‘We Are In A Full-Blown Emergency’
‘An Ongoing Security And Humanitarian Crisis’ At The Border
May 2019
Twice As Many Confirmations In Half The Time
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