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September 2017
NDAA: ‘Rebuilding Our Military’
'Time Has Come To Fix The Federal Tax Code’
August 2017
‘Pro-Growth, Pro-Jobs, Pro-Worker’ Tax Reform
Jessie’s Law: ‘Another Important Step Forward’ To Fight Opioid Abuse
Real Reform For American Veterans
‘Republicans Will Seek To Lower Tax Rates’
July 2017
Are Dems Really ‘Completely In Support Of Single Payer’?
Better Care: Reversing Obamacare’s Failures
Patrick Shanahan ‘An Extremely Qualified Candidate’
Better Care Will ‘Begin The End Of Obamacare’
‘Historic’ Obstruction On Nominations
Dems’ $32 Trillion Government Health Care Takeover
June 2017
Obamacare’s Record: Running Out Of Options
Democrats’ Partisan ‘All-Out War’ To Keep The Health Care Status Quo
As Obamacare Insurance Death Spiral Intensifies, Senate Urged To Act
Obamacare’s Record: More Massive Rate Hikes Coming
Obamacare’s Record: 5 Years Of Skyrocketing Premiums
As Obamacare Fails, Left Demands Trillion Dollar Government Takeover
Better Care ‘Will Repeal The Individual Mandate’
Better Care: ‘Moves Us In Such A Better Direction’
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