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December 2016
Dems On WRDA: ‘I’m Hopeful That This Bill Will ... Quickly Become Law’
Sen. Sessions’ Leadership On Prison Reform
Obamacare’s Higher Costs
Drug Enforcement Officials: Sessions Will Make ‘An Excellent Attorney General’
Will Senate Dems Join The ‘Insurgency’?
Former U.S. Attorneys General Support Sessions
21st Century Cures: A Medical ‘Innovation Game-Changer’
Law Enforcement Lauds Sen. Jeff Sessions
November 2016
‘Did I Do That?’
‘Obamacare Exchanges Open To Angst’
October 2016
‘There Are Going To Be People Who Are Hurt’
Obamacare Costs ‘Almost Gave Me A Heart Attack’
‘More Than 1 Million In Obamacare To Lose Plans’ Next Year
As Obamacare Falls Apart, Dems Demand More Obamacare
Obamacare: ‘The Craziest Thing In The World’
September 2016
Significant Bipartisan Accomplishments
‘A Fair Proposal’
‘Pass The Zika Bill’
Obamacare’s Failures: ‘Too Obvious To Ignore’
‘Flipping Through The Newspapers’
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