April 2021
McConnell on Court-Packing: “Responsible People Across the Political Spectrum Have a Duty to Denounce This”
Democrats’ Disinformation on Voting Laws Designed to Distract from Radical Policies
Missteps on Afghanistan, Iran, and Defense Funding a Troubling Pattern for this Administration
Experts: Democrats’ “Infrastructure” Bill Would Cost More Than $800,000 Per New Job
Clumsy Retreat from Afghanistan Would Be “a Grave Mistake”
McConnell on the Death of Officer Billy Evans: “His Sacrifice Will Not Be Forgotten”
Election Law and Infrastructure Deserve Bipartisanship, Not Democrats’ 'Trojan Horse Tactics'
McConnell Pays Tribute to Officer Evans & Salutes USCP
March 2021
Democrats’ Partisan Spending Spree Threatens State Policies that Help Kentuckians
A Partisan F.E.C. Takeover? Socialism for Political Consultants? Not Exactly ‘Voting Rights’
Amid Border Crisis, Democrats Block Bills to Detain Violent Criminal Migrants and Fight Trafficking
McConnell: Democrats’ Power Grab Would Invite “Total Chaos” in Elections
Democrats’ Filibuster Threats Aren’t About Principle, Just Raw Power
We Know What Kinds of Policies Are Pro-Job and Pro-Worker
Administration Must Back Up Tough Talk on China With Commitment to Defense Funding
McConnell Thanks Acting Sergeant at Arms Jennifer Hemingway
The Democrats Trying to Overturn an Election Want to Rewrite the Rules for the Next One
Biden Administration Sends FEMA to Border, Still Denies it’s a Crisis
McConnell on Challenges Posed by China and Potential for Bipartisan Work
McConnell Calls on Trade Nominee Tai to Support Increasing Exports, Supporting Kentucky Jobs
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