July 2021
A “Loud, Proud, Would-Be Gun Grabber” with Checkered Resume Should Not Run ATF
Democrats’ ‘Build Back Bloated’ is Costing Middle-Class Families
McConnell Tribute to Former Sen. Carl Levin
McConnell Mourns Former Senate Parliamentarian Bob Dove
Amid Border Crisis that Includes COVID Surge, Democrats Want Amnesty in Tax-and-Spend Spree
McConnell: There Ought to be a Robust, Bipartisan Floor Process for Infrastructure Legislation
Baffling Opposition to Strikes on Al-Shabab Terrorists Ignores the Facts
If States’ Expansive Voting Laws are Anti-Democracy, the Left Will Also Need to Boycott Europe
McConnell Applauds Bipartisan Compromise on Security Funding
Democrats’ Reckless Tax-and-Spend Spree Packed With “Green New Deal” Goodies
McConnell Mourns Former Senator Mike Enzi
With Americans’ Optimism Falling, Democrats Want Yet Another Reckless Taxing and Spending Spree
Senate Praying for Former Sen. Mike Enzi After Serious Accident
U.S. Must Keep Helping our Partners Fight Terrorists in Iraq
Where Are Democrat Russia Hawks as Biden Administration Reportedly Green-Lights Putin Pipeline?
With Border Already in Crisis, Democrats Want Amnesty in Reckless Tax-and-Spend Spree
Iran-Backed Attacks and Foiled Kidnapping Plot Deserve Consequences, Not Accommodation
Family Farms in the Crosshairs of Democrats’ Taxing and Spending Spree
McConnell: Today’s Procedural Vote Will Fail Because the Bill Doesn’t Exist
As Senate Refills Crime Victims’ Fund, Leaders Must Also Fight Surge in Violent Crime
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