January 2018
Senate Democrats’ Shutdown Can End Today
McConnell: Shutdowns Have Consequences
Day One of Senate Democrats’ Government Shutdown
Senate Democrats Vote To Shut Down The Federal Government
A Democrat-Led Government Shutdown Is Completely Avoidable
McConnell Statement on House-Passed Government Funding, S-Chip Bill
For American Workers: Tax Reform Benefits Speaking For Themselves
‘Let’s Fund the Government, Extend S-CHIP, and Do Right by the Americans Who Elected Us to Serve Them’
Senate to Reauthorize Important Anti-Terror Tool
Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony Honoring Senator Bob Dole
Congress Needs to Keep the Government Running, Fund Children’s Health
Bipartisan Support for Critical Foreign Surveillance Legislation
Tax Reform Benefits For American Workers
More Tax Reform Benefits Coming to Kentucky Families
Senate to Vote on Critical Foreign Surveillance Legislation
Too Much at Stake for Republicans and Democrats Not to Come Together on Funding Agreement
We Took Money Out of Washington’s Pocket and Put It Back in the Pockets of the Families Who Earned It
Tax Reform Already Providing Special Bonuses and Permanent Pay Raises for Americans
Significant Benefits of Tax Reform Already Being Seen Across the Country
‘Let’s Give Those Who Keep Us Safe the Resources They Need To Do It’
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