September 2021
Democrats’ Reckless Taxing and Spending Spree Meant to Turn Temporary Pandemic into Permanent Socialism
As Democrats Go It Alone on Reckless Borrowing, They Will Need to Handle Debt Limit Alone
Democrats Won’t Get Bipartisan Cover for Radical, Reckless, and Partisan Spending
“Time for Hard Truths and Accountability” on Afghanistan
Botched Afghanistan Retreat Leaves America Less Credible, Less Capable, and in More Danger
Washington Democrats Push for Job-Killing Tax Hikes That Will Hurt American Workers
August 2021
All 50 Senate Democrats to Back Chairman Sanders’ Reckless Taxing and Spending Spree
Biden Team’s Afghanistan Denial Costing Afghan Lives and American Security
McConnell: Democrats Don’t Get Bipartisan Borrowing for Totally Partisan Reckless Spending
Biden Administration’s ATF Nomination Somehow Gets Worse Every Day
Coming Debate Will Spotlight Democrats’ Reckless Spending and Taxing Spree
McConnell Urges More Amendment Votes on Infrastructure
McConnell Honors Departing Chief Counsel Andrew Ferguson
McConnell Thanks Departing Republican Whip Chief of Staff for His Fine Service
McConnell on Debt Limit for Democrats’ Spree: If They Don’t Want Our Input, They Won’t Need Our Help
Vaccines Are Moving COVID from ‘Crisis’ to ‘Challenge,’ But Far Left Wants Permanent Socialism
Capitol Police Awarded Congressional Gold Medal
Biden Administration’s Afghanistan Disaster “Was Not Only Foreseeable, It Was Foreseen”
Government Funding Process Needs to Get Back on a Bipartisan Track
“What Would this Administration Say Is Going Well?”
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