December 2020
McConnell Honors “Iconic” Kansas Statesman Chairman Pat Roberts
“Congressional Leaders on Both Sides Are Going to Keep Working Until We Get it Done”
McConnell Applauds President Trump & Congratulates President-Elect Biden
McConnell on Targeted COVID Relief: “Let’s Get This Done”
Democrats Blocking COVID Aid over Slush Funds for States Awash in Revenue
McConnell Celebrates “Truly Exceptional” Senator Cory Gardner
McConnell on National Defense Authorization Act
“Americans Cannot Afford To Wait” for Targeted COVID-19 Relief
McConnell Condemns Treatment of Jimmy Lai and Continued Crackdown on Hong Kongers
“We Can’t Do A Thing Unless Democrats Decide They Want to Make Law”
McConnell Tribute to Departing Colleague Chairman Mike Enzi
McConnell Speaks Against Efforts to Block Sales to the UAE
Even Prominent Democrats’ Most Urgent COVID Priorities Are Already Addressed in Republican Proposal
Congress Should Deliver Consensus COVID-19 Relief “Right Away”
Leader McConnell Pays Tribute to Friend and Colleague Chairman Lamar Alexander
“We Need to get More Bipartisan, Targeted Coronavirus Relief out to the American People”
McConnell Tribute to “Trailblazing” Senator Martha McSally
Americans Need More Targeted COVID-19 Relief
November 2020
“The American People Need More Help and They Need It Now”
McConnell Welcomes Senator Chuck Grassley Back to the Senate
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