June 2020
McConnell Praises Judge Justin Walker: A “Widely-Admired Legal Expert”
McConnell Discusses Senate Action on Threats from Overseas
McConnell on JUSTICE Act: I Hope We Can Step Up and Stand Together
McConnell: Busy Senate and Absent House Make the Capitol a “Study in Contrasts”
McConnell: The Great American Outdoors Act Will “Benefit Generations to Come”
McConnell Highlights Senate’s Critical Work for the American People
McConnell: Great American Outdoors Act Will Protect Kentucky’s Natural Treasures and Promote Prosperity
McConnell Urges Support for Landmark Legislation to Preserve and Protect Public Lands
“America Cannot Be America if Civil Disagreement Becomes a Contradiction in Terms”
McConnell on the Great American Outdoors Act: “I Urge All Senators to Join the Experts and Support the Bill”
McConnell on Religious Liberty: Politicians Do Not Get to Play “Red-Light, Green-Light” With the First Amendment
McConnell Praises the Great American Outdoors Act
McConnell: Unity and Mutual Respect Will Keep Us Strong
McConnell Delivers Address on China to Mark Tiananmen Square Anniversary
McConnell Praises Continued Success of the Paycheck Protection Program
“The Foreign Actors Who Seek to Harm the United States Have Not Let Up While We Attend to Other Problems”
The Senate is Here and Working for the American People
McConnell: “The Senate Is Present and Working”
Let’s Unite For Peace in Our Streets and in Our Communities
McConnell Stands With Hong Kong: The Chinese Communist Party Does Not Play By The Rules
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