February 2016
McConnell Honors Departing Ambassador to Burma, Welcomes Incoming Nominee
McConnell Expects Administration’s Zika Briefing to Provide Answers on Plans to Protect Americans
McConnell Urges Senate to Move Bipartisan Energy Legislation Forward
McConnell Honors the Life of Marlow Cook
McConnell Urges Senate Democrats to Advance Broad, Bipartisan Energy Legislation
McConnell Congratulates the USO on 75th Anniversary
McConnell Urges Continued Cooperation on Broad, Bipartisan Energy Legislation
McConnell Invites Sec. Burwell for Bipartisan Briefing on Zika Virus Response Efforts
Bipartisan Energy Bill Would Strengthen Long-Term National Security
Bipartisan Energy Bill Would Prepare Country for Energy Challenges and Opportunities
January 2016
Broad, Bipartisan Energy Legislation Would Modernize America’s Energy Policies
Broad, Bipartisan Energy Legislation Would Update America's Energy Policies
McConnell Outlines Broad Bipartisan Energy Legislation, WOTUS Veto Override
McConnell: No Political Test for Federal Contracts
McConnell Urges the Senate to Move Forward on the American SAFE Act
McConnell Calls on Senate to Advance the SAFE Act
In Final State of the Union, the President Should Move Beyond the Failed Policies of the Past
December 2015
Bipartisan Funding and Tax Relief Legislation Will Strengthen the Economy and National Security
Bipartisan Legislation Would Eliminate Energy Export Ban, Bolster National Security
Passage of Education Reform Another Example of Congress Back to Work Under Republican Leadership
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